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MIT Sloan Memories

We asked MIT Sloan alumni who let us know that they planned to attend the 50th anniversary celebration, Oct. 10-12, 2002, to recount their favorite MIT Sloan memories. Here is what they said:

  • Riding my bicycle along the Charles River on my way to campus. My three-year-old rode with me on a child seat, since I dropped him to school on the way.

  • Howard Johnson on a plane to take the CEO job at Federated Dept. Stores and notified of MIT Board invitation to become President of MIT. Howard described the experience as “something funny happened on the way to Federated...”

  • The summer of the Sloan Fellows Program. I think it was one of the most intense, motivating, and intellectual challenging that I have ever participated in. Additionally, as a group, we created the ’Best class ever...’

  • Simply being there between 1968 and 1971: the academic program, living in Cambridge, working with US citizens (part-time job in Draper Lab), and making life-long friends.

  • The war games in Prof Ed Schein’s class.

  • Coming out of a C-Function after extensive consumption and realizing that the System Dynamics project was due the next day. Five of us groggy Sloanies worked till 5 in the morning to ace it and then went back to class again the next day without any sleep.

  • My office in the basement of the Sloan building. So many grad students at MIT seem to have desolate offices in basements, where much work can be accomplished without interruption ... I wonder if this is part of the MIT and Sloan master plan?

  • The whole year was a great experience, but maybe study group activities the most. They were very rich in bringing to the table different perspectives to solve a problem.

  • The commencement where Helmut Schmidt gave the commencement speech in a pouring and very cold rain.

  • The LFM national plant tour provided great direct exposure to multiple industries and processes. It was also a lot of fun to travel with my Sloan classmates.

  • The Fall ’98 Gala at the Children’s Museum and the Investments class with Professor [Andrew] Lo.

  • The mix of academic and culture learning.

  • The vibration of Professor Arnold Hax teaching corporate strategy

  • The workshop on Systems thinking. Fun, entertaining, and eye opening.

  • The people around me and their ideas.