• Office of the Dean

    • Ezra Zuckerman Sivan, Deputy Dean, Alvin J. Siteman (1948) Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Co-founder, Economic Sociology PhD Program
    • Fiona Murray, Associate Dean for Innovation; William Porter (1967) Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship; Co-Director, MIT Innovation Initiative; Faculty Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship; Faculty Director, Legatum Center; Member of the UK Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology (CST)
    • Nelson Repenning, Associate Dean, Leadership and Special Projects;
      School of Management Distinguished Professor of System Dynamics and Organization Studies; Faculty Director, MIT Leadership Center
    • Jake Cohen, Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate and Master’s Programs, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Law
    • Kristina Gulick Schaefer, Senior Associate Dean, External Relations and International Programs
    • Bill Garrett, Senior Associate Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
    • Peter Hirst, Associate Dean, Executive Education
  • Ezra Zuckerman Sivan

    Deputy Dean
    Alvin J. Siteman (1948) Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy
    Co-founder, Economic Sociology PhD Program
    Office: E60-382
    Tel: (617) 253-1918
    Fax: (617) 258-7579
    E-mail: ewzucker@mit.edu
    Website: http://web.mit.edu/ewzucker/www/

    Ezra Zuckerman Sivan is Deputy Dean and the Alvin J. Siteman (1948) Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. He is also cofounder of MIT Sloan's PhD Program in Economic Sociology.  As Deputy Dean, he has responsibility for all of Sloan’s faculty, approximately 200 (hiring, promotion and tenure, performance evaluation, and compensation), and half a dozen research centers based in Sloan.

    Zuckerman is an economic sociologist whose research focuses on showing how an understanding of fundamental social processes is important for shedding light on key issues in business and management, as well as how an appreciation for the dynamics of business and management inform our understanding of fundamental social processes.  He is perhaps best known for demonstrating the importance of categorical structures in shaping valuation in various markets.  

    Zuckerman's master's and executive level teaching centers on competitive and technology strategy, and he teaches two doctoral courses, "Sociology of Strategy" and "Identity and Action."

    Zuckerman holds a BA in political science from Columbia University as well as an MA and a PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago.

    Fiona Murray

    Associate Dean for Innovation
    William Porter (1967) Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship
    Co-Director, MIT Innovation Initiative
    Faculty Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
    Faculty Director, Legatum Center
    Member of the UK Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology (CST)
    Office: E62-470
    Tel: (617) 253-3681
    Fax: (617) 253-2660
    E-mail: fmurray@mit.edu
    Website: http://web.mit.edu/fmurray/www/

    Fiona Murray is the William Porter (1967) Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship, Co-Director of the MIT Innovation Initiative, Faculty Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship as well as of the Legatum Center, and Member of the UK Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology (CST). She is also the Associate Dean for Innovation at MIT Sloan.

    She is an international expert on the transformation of investments in scientific and technical innovation into innovation-based entrepreneurship that drives jobs, wealth creation, and regional prosperity. Murray has a special interest in how policies, programs, and relationships between academia and industry can be designed to accelerate the productive role of universities in their local entrepreneurial ecosystem. These include intellectual property issues as well as broader programs that enable technology transfer and commercialization. A former scientist trained at Harvard University and the University of Oxford, Murray has taught and published extensively on fostering cultures that bridge scientific innovation and entrepreneurship, building effective entrepreneurial strategies for science-based businesses (in biotech and biomedical companies and recently, clean energy), and evaluating the commercial potential of novel scientific ideas. Closely tied to real world problems, Fiona works with science-based startups on their commercialization strategy as well as a range of firms designing global organizations that are both commercially successful and at the forefront of science. These firms seek to leverage the ideas of a wide range of internal scientists, external innovators accessed through traditional research contracts, as well as “Open Innovation” mechanisms including innovation prizes.

    Her recent engagements have focused on relationships that span the public and private sectors. She is particularly interested in new emerging organizational arrangements for the effective commercialization of science, including public-private partnerships, not-for-profits, venture philanthropy, and university-initiated seed funding and innovation-focused competitions and prizes.

    Nelson Repenning

    Associate Dean, Leadership and Special Projects
    School of Management Distinguished Professor of System Dynamics and Organization Studies
    Faculty Director, MIT Leadership Center
    Office: E62-432
    Tel: (617) 258-6889
    Fax: (617) 258-7579
    Email: nelson@mit.edu

    Nelson P. Repenning is the Associate Dean of Leadership and Special Projects, and the School of Management Distinguished Professor of System Dynamics and Organization Studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

    Nelson currently serves as the faculty director for MIT’s Executive MBA program. His early work focused on understanding the inability of organizations to leverage well-established tools and practices. He has worked extensively with organizations trying to develop new capabilities in both manufacturing and new product development. Nelson has also studied the failure to use the safety practices that often lead to industrial accidents and has helped investigate several major incidents. This line of research has been recognized with several awards, including best paper recognition from both the California Management Review and the Journal of Product Innovation Management.

    Building on his earlier work, Nelson now focuses on developing the theory and practice of Dynamic Work Design—a new approach to designing work that is both effective and engaging—and Dynamic Management Systems, a method for insuring that day-to-day work is tightly linked to the strategic objectives of the firm. He is also a partner at ShiftGear Work Design and serves as its Chief Social Scientist.

    In 2003, Nelson received the International System Dynamics Society’s Jay Wright Forrester award, which recognizes the best work in the field in the previous five years. In 2011 he received the Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

    He holds a BA in economics from Colorado College and a PhD in operations management and system dynamics from MIT.

    Jake Cohen

    Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate and Master’s Programs
    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Law
    Office: E60-366
    Tel: (617) 324-8107
    E-mail: jcohen28@mit.edu

    Jake Cohen is Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Master’s Programs, as well as a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Law. He oversees MIT Sloan’s portfolio of degree programs, as well as the Offices of Admissions, Student Life, and Career Development.

    From 2008 to 2011, Jake was the Dean of the MBA Program at INSEAD, directing strategy and operations for campuses in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. Under his leadership, INSEAD expanded its degree programs and received its highest rankings ever among business school MBA programs. Jake also served as a member of the Deans’ Leadership Team, overseeing every aspect of the academic experience in all programs. In 2012, he spent his post-deanship sabbatical teaching financial management as a Judge Fellow at Cambridge University and as a Research Fellow studying corporate social responsibility reporting at Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. Before becoming dean, Jake was director of the INSEAD-PricewaterhouseCoopers Research Initiative on High Performance Organizations. He was founder, director, and professor of INSEAD’s Business Foundations Program, as well as Affiliate Professor of Accounting and Control and Business Law. Before joining INSEAD in 2003, he was a Senior Teaching Fellow at Harvard Business School in the Accounting & Management Group.

    Jake holds a JD in corporate law from Syracuse University, an MS in accounting from Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, and a BS in accounting from Lehigh University. He has completed six executive certificates at Harvard Business School and the AVIRA certificate, for the most senior executives, at INSEAD.

    Kristina Gulick Schaefer

    Kristina Gulick Schaefer

    Senior Associate Dean, External Relations and International Programs
    Office: E60-334
    Tel: (617) 324-6011
    E-mail: kgsch@mit.edu

    Kristina Gulick Schaefer is the Senior Associate Dean of External Relations and International Programs. In this role, she oversees fundraising efforts involving private support from private individuals, corporations, and foundations. She also provides administrative leadership for MIT Sloan’s international programs. She serves as a key liaison to central MIT Resource Development and the MIT Alumni Association.

    Prior to joining MIT Sloan in 2011, Kristina was the vice president for advancement at Simmons College and served as a key member of the Simmons President’s Council.

    She holds a BA in Music from Allegheny College.

    Bill Garrett

    Bill Garrett

    Senior Associate Dean and Chief Administrative Officer
    Office: E60-381
    Tel: (617) 253-6655
    Email: wgarrett@mit.edu

    Bill Garrett joined MIT Sloan in 2008 as the Head of Human Resources. In recent years, Bill and the HR Team have been working to realign management practices with the School’s priorities including helping leaders identify capabilities and behaviors to enable more distributed leadership and more characteristics of a learning organization.

    Prior to coming to MIT, he was responsible for leadership development in the consumer businesses at Fidelity Investments and held a variety of business line HR Director roles at Bank of America and its predecessor banks in Boston.

    Bill has a B.A. in Psychology from Clemson University and an MBA from Boston University.

    Peter Hirst

    Peter Hirst

    Associate Dean, Executive Education
    Office: EE20-400
    Tel: (617) 253-1936
    Fax: (617) 253-6773
    E-mail: hirst@mit.edu

    Peter Hirst leads the team of professionals who partner with clients and faculty at the MIT Sloan School of Management to develop, design, and deliver innovative executive education programs for individuals and companies.

    Formerly CEO of the commercialization, consulting, and executive education business of the London School of Economics, he has over twenty years of experience in international strategy, technology consulting and organizational development. Peter has also served as a director and board adviser to businesses and non-profit organizations on three continents. He is a past president of the British American Business Council of New England, for which he currently serves as a board director, and a founding member of its Energy and Environment and High Tech Committees. Peter is a trustee and treasurer of the American Foundation of the University of St Andrews in Scotland and cochair of the Education Working Group of the Internet of Things World Forum and a founding member of the Internet of Things Global Talent Consortium. He is also a board director and cochair of the Digital Communications Subcommittee of UNICON, the global association of university-based executive education programs.

    Peter earned a PhD from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, for research in plasma physics and microwave engineering. After a period of academic entrepreneurship in a variety of related fields, including optoelectronics, neural network computing, and the interfaces between technology and terrorism, he was appointed Westminster Fellow in the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, where he advised MPs and Peers of all parties on policy issues in the physical sciences, defense, and IT.

    In 2012, Peter was named a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his service to British and American business and academia interests