Academic Programs

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With a focus on global leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and best business practice, MIT Sloan has designed a set of programs to give leaders — present and future — the skills and knowledge they need to improve the world. These strategic tools are delivered in a pioneering set of programs that serve undergraduate and advanced degree students, aspiring and senior executives, and new and experienced leaders of government and industry.

In many of MIT Sloan's programs, faculty and students work side-by-side with corporate or non-profit partners to solve real-world challenges. In others, they are forging new pathways in the technology of finance or the management of technology. In still others, they work in and with developing countries to improve systems governing quality of life.

In all programs at MIT Sloan, students are redefining the landscape of business and the rules of leadership. They are successfully merging profitability and social responsibility. And they are building intersections between diverse disciplines to engineer innovative solutions to the global challenges that lie ahead.

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Kofi Annan, SF '72, former Secretary-General of the UN, is one of a network of global leaders in government and industry who hold degrees from MIT Sloan.