Administrative Offices

MIT Sloan's administrative offices work collaboratively to provide an exceptional collegiate experience to the MIT Sloan community. All staff members share one collective goal — to insure that MIT Sloan faculty and students get the resources they need to excel.

  • Alumni Relations:
    Provides school-wide alumni services and facilitates access.
  • Copy Technology Centers:
    With a facility in the basement of E52 (the main MIT Sloan building) and facilities in two other locations on the MIT campus, CopyTech provides copier and copier-related services to the MIT community.
  • Sloan Educational Services:
    Serving the entire Sloan community, Sloan Educational Services supports students and faculty with registration-related services, internal publications, and facilities support services.
  • Office of Communications:
    Responsible for ensuring that prospective students, alumni, the media and the business communities see MIT Sloan as being at the forefront of leadership and innovation in management theory and practice.
  • MBA Career Development Office:
    Provides career services to MBA students and firms.
  • MBA Student Affairs:
    Manages academic services and community-building programs for MBA students and faculty.
  • Sloan Technology Services:
    Provides the MIT Sloan School with computing support services. For more information, call 617-253-2000 or e-mail

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