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Staff Office
Diane Abbott Executive Education
Lawrence Abeln Management Science
Justin Adelson Office of Communications
Carla Akalarian Career Development Office
Malak Al Nory Management Science
Md Noor Alam Management Science
Safia Albaiti Economics, Finance and Accounting
Scott Alessandro Undergraduate Education
Rianna Allen Economics, Finance and Accounting
Gene Amoroso Office of Communications
Catherine Anderson Executive Education
Jessica Anderson Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Thomas Apel Center for Information Systems Research
Anita Arbogast Master of Finance
Robert Arlt Sloan Technology Services
Rama Atiya Office of Communications
Elaine Backman MIT Leadership Center
Jessica Baga Office of External Relations
Harriet Barnett Admissions
Michael Barrette Sloan Management Review
Shauna LaFauci Barry Admissions
Kelly Basner Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Joanne Batziotegos MIT Center for Digital Business
Ellen Baum Finance and Administration
James Baum Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jan Beard Office of External Relations
Joseph Beauregard Finance and Administration
Renee Benjamin Executive MBA
Alan Benson Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Eric Bergemann Executive Education
Katherine Bertman Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Alpheus Bingham MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Christine Bolzan Career Development Office
Colette Boudreau Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Elias Bouquillon Sloan Technology Services
Rebecca Bourke Student Life Office
Sorina Brackett Executive Education
Ariel Brandner Management Science
Lori Breslow Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Richard Brewer Finance and Administration
Patrick Brown Office of External Relations
Sean Brown Sloan Management Review
Angie Bryan Office of International Programs
Morgan Buckley Admissions
Paul Buckley Student Life Office
Elaina Burke Executive Education
Jennifer Burke Barba Admissions
Bryn Panee Burkhart Career Development Office
Sean Burns Office of External Relations
Greg Burton Sloan Technology Services
Tammy Buzzell MIT Center for Digital Business
Stefanie Callaghan Office of Communications
Mary Camerlengo Undergraduate Education
Georgina Campbell Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship|Executive Education
Cathy Canney Office of the Dean|Office of Communications
Marissa Cannon Office of International Programs
David Capodilupo Office of International Programs
Jeffrey Carbone Admissions
Holly Cariddi Office of External Relations
Nicholas Carrier MIT Center for Digital Business
Andrew Carvalho Operations Research Center
Cyndi Chan Executive Education
Ann Chaney Executive Education
Nathanial Charles Sloan Technology Services
Christina Chase Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Donna Cheung Economics, Finance and Accounting
Eleanor Chin Office of International Programs
Sandonei Chiodini Office of International Programs
Seung Ah Choi Finance and Administration
David Chotin Master's Programs
Zachary Church Office of Communications
Gloria Clark Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jocelyn Climent Management Science
Jason Clinkscales Management Science
Michael Coden Management Science
Jake Cohen Master's Programs|Office of the Dean
Pamela Coneeny Sloan Educational Services
Katie Connolly Office of External Relations
Shannon Conrad Executive Education
Cessy Cook Office of External Relations
Scott Cooper
Kim Andrew Cowperthwaite Executive MBA
Marilyn Cronin Career Development Office
Ana Cuellar Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Jayna Cummings Economics, Finance and Accounting
Glenn Cunningham Career Development Office
Patricia Curley Behavioral and Policy Sciences