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Staff Office
Jennifer Walker
Scott Cooper
Frank MacCrory
Isabella DiMambro
Michellana Jester Action Learning
Dawna Levenson Admissions
Anne Kiely Admissions
Sara Jacobsen Admissions
Morgan Buckley Admissions
Shauna LaFauci Barry Admissions
Barry Reckley Admissions
Pam Spencer Admissions
Rod Garcia Admissions
Kimberly Ebeling Admissions
Jeffrey Carbone Admissions
Brittany Jack Admissions
Harriet Barnett Admissions
Jennifer Burke Barba Admissions
Kristen Lindeman Admissions
Becca Honohan Admissions
Lindsay Pike Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Kelly Basner Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Andy Yap Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Shiwei Zhang Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Dan Wang Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Rebecca Lieberman Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Stephanie Taverna Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Amy Wasserman Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Katherine Bertman Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Patricia Curley Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Michelle Fiorenza Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Anne Sartori Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Pamela Liu Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Colette Boudreau Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Nichole Hinkley Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jayakanth Srinivasan Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Susan Joyce Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Andrew Torrance Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Sarah Wood Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Alan Benson Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Annie Weiss Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Channa Yem Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jyoti Sinha Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Mami Taniguchi Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jessica Anderson Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Miro Kazakoff Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Wendy Elliott Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Virginia Geiger Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Barbara Dyer Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Kathleen Park Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jordan Siegel Behavioral and Policy Sciences
JoAnne Yates Behavioral and Policy Sciences
James Baum Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Lori Breslow Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jeffrey Meldman Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Yael Hochberg Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Gloria Clark Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Janet Marks Career Development Office
Susan Kline Career Development Office
Anuja Wadia Career Development Office
Glenn Cunningham Career Development Office
Tiffany Hogan Career Development Office
Susan Kenney Career Development Office
Heather Holland Career Development Office
Marilyn Cronin Career Development Office
Danielle Grassia Career Development Office
Kerri Tierney Career Development Office
Julie Papp Career Development Office
Bryn Panee Burkhart Career Development Office
Jennifer Graham Career Development Office
Urmi Samadar Career Development Office
Christine Bolzan Career Development Office
Devin Murphy Career Development Office
Carla Akalarian Career Development Office
Bryan Zaramba Career Development Office
Alexander Samarov Center for Computational Research in Economics and Management Science
Kate Moloney Center for Information Systems Research
Susan Krusell Center for Information Systems Research
Cheryl Miller-Daniels Center for Information Systems Research
Thomas Apel Center for Information Systems Research
Stephanie Woerner Center for Information Systems Research
Christine Foglia Center for Information Systems Research
Martin Mocker Center for Information Systems Research
John Mooney Center for Information Systems Research
Marki Richelson Center for Information Systems Research
Rajiv Kohli Center for Information Systems Research
Barbara Wixom Center for Information Systems Research
Peter Weill Center for Information Systems Research
Jeanne Ross Center for Information Systems Research
Nils Fonstad Center for Information Systems Research
Abbie Lundberg Center for Information Systems Research
Peter Reynolds Center for Information Systems Research
George Roth Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development
Surapap Rayanakorn Economics, Finance and Accounting
Rebecca Staiger Economics, Finance and Accounting
Therese Henderson Economics, Finance and Accounting
James Watkins Economics, Finance and Accounting
Rianna Allen Economics, Finance and Accounting
Safia Albaiti Economics, Finance and Accounting
Nancy Leonelli Economics, Finance and Accounting
Loriana Pelizzon Economics, Finance and Accounting
Jayna Cummings Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dagmar Trantinova Economics, Finance and Accounting
Jake Xia Economics, Finance and Accounting
Donna Cheung Economics, Finance and Accounting
Mark Trusheim Economics, Finance and Accounting
Amir Khandani Economics, Finance and Accounting
Dimitrios Papanikolaou Economics, Finance and Accounting
Kelly Nixon Economics, Finance and Accounting
Bala Dharan Economics, Finance and Accounting
Krysta Harmon Economics, Finance and Accounting
Patsy Thompson Economics, Finance and Accounting
Brenna Murphy Economics, Finance and Accounting
Lucy Sonner Economics, Finance and Accounting
Roger Stein Economics, Finance and Accounting
Mila Sherman Economics, Finance and Accounting
Rose Ziv Carpenter Economics, Finance and Accounting
Ariel Leitao Economics, Finance and Accounting
Bridgette Hayes Economics, Finance and Accounting
Saman Majd Economics, Finance and Accounting|Economics, Finance and Accounting
Catherine Anderson Executive Education
Ann Marie Maxwell Executive Education
Shannon Conrad Executive Education
Kristin Zecca Executive Education
Margaret Regan Executive Education
Christine Mansella Executive Education
Leila Hashimi Malone Executive Education
Sarah O'Brien Executive Education
Cyndi Chan Executive Education
Elaina Burke Executive Education
Andrew Gewercman Executive Education
Eric Bergemann Executive Education
Jen McLean Executive Education
Diane Abbott Executive Education
Sorina Brackett Executive Education
Amy Davagian Executive Education
Janice Gardner Executive Education
Peter Hirst, MBE Executive Education
Kenneth Irwin Executive Education
Tommy Long Executive Education
Jen Lukason Executive Education
Julie Miskinis Executive Education
Rebecca Roseme Obounou Executive Education
Maria Sterk Executive Education
Laura Ziukaite-Hansen Executive Education
Jody Dean Executive Education
Ann Chaney Executive Education
Jessica McCutcheon-Schour Executive Education
Rachel Hutton Executive Education
Rob Dietel Executive Education
Anna Stephenson Executive Education
Rochelle Weichman Executive Education|Office of the Dean
Jonathan Lehrich Executive MBA
Renee Benjamin Executive MBA
Johanna Hising Executive MBA
Geoff Miskinis Executive MBA
Olivia Linder Executive MBA
Katy Radoll Executive MBA
Liz Looker Executive MBA
Kim Andrew Cowperthwaite Executive MBA
Davin Schnappauf Executive MBA|Sloan Fellows
Jayne Korn Finance and Administration
Vickie Monta Finance and Administration
Seung Ah Choi Finance and Administration
Ellen Baum Finance and Administration
Joseph Beauregard Finance and Administration
Lucy Lui Finance and Administration
Patricia White Finance and Administration
Linda Gjerasi Finance and Administration
Veronica DuLong Finance and Administration
Benn Egan Finance and Administration
Philip Tuohy Finance and Administration
Jennifer Zhao Finance and Administration
Stephanie Stewart Finance and Administration
Helene Uysal Finance and Administration
Richard Brewer Finance and Administration
Ann Marie LeBlanc Finance and Administration
Bill Garrett Finance and Administration
Christopher Tyson Finance and Administration
Ariel Brandner Management Science
David Merrill Management Science
Jessica Olumets Management Science
Daniel Goldsmith Management Science
Marty Tenenbaum Management Science
Juan-Carlos Ferrer Ortiz Management Science
David Miller Management Science
James Houghton Management Science
Danica Mijovic-Prelec Management Science
Yang Lee Management Science
Jason Clinkscales Management Science
Malak Al Nory Management Science
Tina Sherman Management Science
Lindsey Fieldman Management Science
Robert Stowsky Management Science
Ramin Modhaddass Management Science
Robert Milstein Management Science
Alex Huang Management Science
Paulo Goncalves Management Science
Kate Long Management Science
Allen Moulton Management Science
Arash Nourian Management Science
Robert Freund Management Science
Md Noor Alam Management Science
Phebe Vayanos Management Science
Casper Lassenius Management Science
Reza Fazeli Management Science
Aruna Ranganathan Management Science
Alessandro Margherita Management Science
Gianluca Elia Management Science
Allison O'Hair Management Science
Seyda Ertekin Management Science
Nicolene Hengen Management Science
David Keith Management Science
Chintan Vaishnav Management Science
Michael Siegel Management Science
Cecilia Zenteno Langle Management Science
Jocelyn Climent Management Science
James Meng Management Science
Michael Coden Management Science
Jack Homer Management Science
Travis Franck Management Science
Shuiguang Deng Management Science
George Heaps-Nelson Management Science
Susan Young Management Science
Guilherme Liberali Management Science
Lawrence Abeln Management Science
Wei Sun Management Science
Pavithra Harsha Management Science
Tara Henrichon Management Science
Tyler Morse Management Science
Jeffrey Lee Management Science|Management Science
Jeroen Struben Management Science|Management Science
David Schmittlein Management Science|Office of the Dean
Patricia Fuligni Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Chris Snyder Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Christina Chase Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Ana Cuellar Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Eliza Deland Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Kyle Judah Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Paul English Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Georgina Campbell Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship|Executive Education
Diane Jordan Master of Finance
Thomas Guerra Master of Finance
Anita Arbogast Master of Finance
Debra Luchanin Master of Finance
Heidi Pickett Master of Finance
Melody Martin Master of Finance
Chanh Phan Master of Science in Management Science|Office of International Programs
David Chotin Master's Programs
Jake Cohen Master's Programs|Office of the Dean|Economics, Finance and Accounting
Kassie Tucker MBA Program Office
Maura Herson MBA Program Office
Dawn Peters MBA Program Office
Amy DiMattia MBA Program Office
Richard Hill MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Alpheus Bingham MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Peter Gloor MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Mark Klein MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Robert Halperin MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Lauren Fisher MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Robert Laubacher MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
David Engel MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Jason Kap MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
George Westerman MIT Center for Digital Business
Brian Kahin MIT Center for Digital Business
Lin Wu MIT Center for Digital Business
Heekyung Kim MIT Center for Digital Business
Nicholas Carrier MIT Center for Digital Business
Geoffrey Parker MIT Center for Digital Business
Marshall Van Alstyne MIT Center for Digital Business
Kengo Suzuki MIT Center for Digital Business
Michael Welch MIT Center for Digital Business
Thomas Davenport MIT Center for Digital Business
Kristina McElheran MIT Center for Digital Business
David Verrill MIT Center for Digital Business
Justin Lockenwitz MIT Center for Digital Business
Joanne Batziotegos MIT Center for Digital Business
Tod Loofbourrow MIT Center for Digital Business
Joshua Gans MIT Center for Digital Business
Andrew McAfee MIT Center for Digital Business
Tammy Buzzell MIT Center for Digital Business
Joo Hee Oh MIT Center for Digital Business
Shachar Reichman MIT Center for Digital Business
Deborah Soule MIT Center for Digital Business
Michael Schrage MIT Center for Digital Business
Shane Greenstein MIT Center for Digital Business
Hossein Ghasemkhani MIT Center for Digital Business
Jody Hoffer Gittell MIT Leadership Center
Elaine Backman MIT Leadership Center
Tracy Purinton MIT Leadership Center
Cate Reavis Office of Communications
JoAnna French Office of Communications
Mark Keene Office of Communications
Rama Atiya Office of Communications
Kirsten Grady Office of Communications
Ellen Glassman Office of Communications
Justin Adelson Office of Communications
Gene Amoroso Office of Communications
Paul Denning Office of Communications
Jennifer Grady Office of Communications
Patricia Favreau Office of Communications
Amy MacMillan Bankson Office of Communications
Stefanie Callaghan Office of Communications
Zachary Church Office of Communications
Terry DeWitt Office of Communications
Kate O'Sullivan Office of Communications
Irene Ruiz Office of Communications
Laura Pinsky Office of Communications
Bruce Posner Office of Communications|Sloan Management Review
Kathryn Hawkes Office of External Relations
Deanna Maheras Office of External Relations
Luna Soo Yun Kim Office of External Relations
Jennifer Harbaugh Office of External Relations
Sean Burns Office of External Relations
Pamela Ziering Office of External Relations
Kellen Sarb Office of External Relations
Susan Peecher Office of External Relations
Holly Cariddi Office of External Relations
Jesse Ruf Office of External Relations
Claudia de Jesus Suarez Office of External Relations
Jan Beard Office of External Relations
David Weber Office of External Relations
Haley Lamson Office of External Relations
Sarah Murphy Office of External Relations
Alison Wallisch Office of External Relations
Kim Nguyen Office of External Relations
Vincent Vittoria Office of External Relations
Lauren Krzynowek Office of External Relations
Cara Rowe Office of External Relations
Scott Uva Office of External Relations
Jennifer Montfort Office of External Relations
Kris Otto Office of External Relations
Carolina Feijo-Nepveu Office of External Relations
Kathleen Kalell Office of External Relations
Donna Russell Office of External Relations
Patrick Brown Office of External Relations
Katie Connolly Office of External Relations
Jessica Baga Office of External Relations
Robin Elkins Office of External Relations
Kathleen Zorzos Office of External Relations
Betsy Whipple Office of External Relations
Stefanie Wong Office of External Relations
Renee Hirschberg Office of External Relations
Daniela Egan Office of External Relations
Kristin LeClair Office of External Relations
Jenn Liddiard Office of External Relations
Cessy Cook Office of External Relations
Nathaniel Mayes, Jr. Office of External Relations
Elizabeth Sikorovsky Office of External Relations
Kristina Schaefer Office of External Relations|Office of the Dean|Office of International Programs
Marissa Cannon Office of International Programs
Angie Bryan Office of International Programs
McLaren Gould Office of International Programs
David Capodilupo Office of International Programs
Julie Strong Office of International Programs
Eleanor Chin Office of International Programs
Stuart Krusell Office of International Programs
Keke Xu Office of International Programs
Andre Dixon Office of International Programs
Sandonei Chiodini Office of International Programs
Jesse Souweine Office of the Dean
Colleen Russell Office of the Dean
Alan White Office of the Dean
Jessica Smith Office of the Dean
Kathleen Doyle Office of the Dean
Margaret Lo Office of the Dean
John Runyon Office of the Dean
Gilly Parker Office of the Dean
Tammy Holmstrom Office of the Dean
Lucinda Hill Office of the Dean
Laura Koller Office of the Dean|Action Learning
Cathy Canney Office of the Dean|Office of Communications
Andrew Carvalho Operations Research Center
Hillary Ross PHD
Sarah Massey PHD
Dan Gormley Sloan Educational Services
Heather Dill Petithory Sloan Educational Services
Lisa Monaco Sloan Educational Services
Joshua DeMaio Sloan Educational Services
Karleen Myers Sloan Educational Services
Pam Walcott Sloan Educational Services
Margaret Scoppa Sloan Educational Services
Pamela Coneeny Sloan Educational Services
Tara Walor Sloan Educational Services
Elizabeth Mackell Sloan Fellows
Mary Marshall Sloan Fellows
Stephen Sacca Sloan Fellows
Marc O'Mansky Sloan Fellows
Michelle Pierce Sloan Fellows
Saul Horowitz Sloan Fellows
Sheilagh MacFeeley Sloan Management Review
Sean Brown Sloan Management Review
Michael Barrette Sloan Management Review
Robert Holland Jr. Sloan Management Review
David Kiron Sloan Management Review
Martha Mangelsdorf Sloan Management Review
Nina Kruschwitz Sloan Management Review
Jinette Ramos Sloan Management Review
Deborah Gallagher Sloan Management Review
Anita Horn Sloan Technology Services
Michael Kelley Sloan Technology Services
Adlar Su Sloan Technology Services
Hasmik Kouchakdjian Sloan Technology Services
Robert Arlt Sloan Technology Services
Derrick Meyer Sloan Technology Services
Greg Burton Sloan Technology Services
Eric Kirchhoff Sloan Technology Services
Christopher Lesswing Sloan Technology Services
Alice Downing Sloan Technology Services
Jay Duda Sloan Technology Services
Nicholas Jannini Sloan Technology Services
Elias Bouquillon Sloan Technology Services
Nathanial Charles Sloan Technology Services
Joseph Farrell Sloan Technology Services
Astghik Ghevondyan Sloan Technology Services
Glenn Johnston Sloan Technology Services
Ken McCormick Sloan Technology Services
Patricia Shaughnessy Sloan Technology Services
Gustavo Santana Sloan Technology Services
Jean Reale Sloan Technology Services
Virginia Gifford Reckley Sloan Technology Services
Stephen Bryce Harper Sloan Technology Services
Wes Esser Sloan Technology Services
Corey Peterson Sloan Technology Services
Jeff Derrick Sloan Technology Services
Marko Stojkovic Sloan Technology Services
Brian LaSitis Sloan Technology Services
Alexis Ertzner Student Life Office
Nicole Mortillaro Student Life Office
Rebecca Bourke Student Life Office
Catherine Gamon Student Life Office
Paul Buckley Student Life Office
Katie Ferrari Student Life Office
Jackie Wilbur Undergraduate and Master’s Programs Office
Michelle Li Undergraduate and Master’s Programs Office
Scott Alessandro Undergraduate Education
Stephanie Karkut Undergraduate Education
Mary Camerlengo Undergraduate Education