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Staff Office
Frank MacCrory
Dawna Levenson Admissions
Kristen Lindeman Admissions
Rebecca Lieberman Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Pamela Liu Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jeffrey Meldman Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Devin Murphy Career Development Office
Janet Marks Career Development Office
Martin Mocker Center for Information Systems Research
John Mooney Center for Information Systems Research
Cheryl Miller-Daniels Center for Information Systems Research
Kate Moloney Center for Information Systems Research
Abbie Lundberg Center for Information Systems Research
Brenna Murphy Economics, Finance and Accounting
Nancy Leonelli Economics, Finance and Accounting
Kelly Nixon Economics, Finance and Accounting
Ariel Leitao Economics, Finance and Accounting
Saman Majd Economics, Finance and Accounting|Economics, Finance and Accounting
Jessica McCutcheon-Schour Executive Education
Sarah O'Brien Executive Education
Tommy Long Executive Education
Jen Lukason Executive Education
Julie Miskinis Executive Education
Rebecca Roseme Obounou Executive Education
Ann Marie Maxwell Executive Education
Christine Mansella Executive Education
Jen McLean Executive Education
Jonathan Lehrich Executive MBA
Liz Looker Executive MBA
Olivia Linder Executive MBA
Geoff Miskinis Executive MBA
Lucy Lui Finance and Administration
Ann Marie LeBlanc Finance and Administration
Vickie Monta Finance and Administration
Casper Lassenius Management Science
James Meng Management Science
Allison O'Hair Management Science
Alessandro Margherita Management Science
Danica Mijovic-Prelec Management Science
Ramin Modhaddass Management Science
Robert Milstein Management Science
Kate Long Management Science
Allen Moulton Management Science
Arash Nourian Management Science
Guilherme Liberali Management Science
Tyler Morse Management Science
Yang Lee Management Science
David Miller Management Science
David Merrill Management Science
Jessica Olumets Management Science
Jeffrey Lee Management Science|Management Science
Melody Martin Master of Finance
Debra Luchanin Master of Finance
Robert Laubacher MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Kristina McElheran MIT Center for Digital Business
Justin Lockenwitz MIT Center for Digital Business
Joo Hee Oh MIT Center for Digital Business
Andrew McAfee MIT Center for Digital Business
Tod Loofbourrow MIT Center for Digital Business
Katherine Lochery MIT Leadership Center
Kate O'Sullivan Office of Communications
Amy MacMillan Bankson Office of Communications
Jenn Liddiard Office of External Relations
Kristin LeClair Office of External Relations
Jennifer Montfort Office of External Relations
Kris Otto Office of External Relations
Nathaniel Mayes, Jr. Office of External Relations
Haley Lamson Office of External Relations
Sarah Murphy Office of External Relations
Kim Nguyen Office of External Relations
Deanna Maheras Office of External Relations
Margaret Lo Office of the Dean
Sarah Massey PHD
Karleen Myers Sloan Educational Services
Lisa Monaco Sloan Educational Services
Elizabeth Mackell Sloan Fellows
Marc O'Mansky Sloan Fellows
Mary Marshall Sloan Fellows
Martha Mangelsdorf Sloan Management Review
Sheilagh MacFeeley Sloan Management Review
Ken McCormick Sloan Technology Services
Brian LaSitis Sloan Technology Services
Christopher Lesswing Sloan Technology Services
Derrick Meyer Sloan Technology Services
Nicole Mortillaro Student Life Office
Michelle Li Undergraduate and Master’s Programs Office