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Staff Office
Pam Spencer Admissions
Stephanie Taverna Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jayakanth Srinivasan Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Andrew Torrance Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Anne Sartori Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Mami Taniguchi Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jordan Siegel Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Kerri Tierney Career Development Office
Urmi Samadar Career Development Office
Alexander Samarov Center for Computational Research in Economics and Management Science
Dagmar Trantinova Economics, Finance and Accounting
Rebecca Staiger Economics, Finance and Accounting
Patsy Thompson Economics, Finance and Accounting
Mark Trusheim Economics, Finance and Accounting
Lucy Sonner Economics, Finance and Accounting
Roger Stein Economics, Finance and Accounting
Mila Sherman Economics, Finance and Accounting
Anna Stephenson Executive Education
Maria Sterk Executive Education
Davin Schnappauf Executive MBA|Sloan Fellows
Christopher Tyson Finance and Administration
Philip Tuohy Finance and Administration
Stephanie Stewart Finance and Administration
Helene Uysal Finance and Administration
Robert Stowsky Management Science
Tina Sherman Management Science
Marty Tenenbaum Management Science
Wei Sun Management Science
Michael Siegel Management Science
Jeroen Struben Management Science|Management Science
David Schmittlein Management Science|Office of the Dean
Chris Snyder Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Kassie Tucker MBA Program Office
Deborah Soule MIT Center for Digital Business
Michael Schrage MIT Center for Digital Business
Kengo Suzuki MIT Center for Digital Business
Kellen Sarb Office of External Relations
Elizabeth Sikorovsky Office of External Relations
Scott Uva Office of External Relations
Kristina Schaefer Office of External Relations|Office of the Dean|Office of International Programs
Julie Strong Office of International Programs
Jesse Souweine Office of the Dean
Jessica Smith Office of the Dean
Margaret Scoppa Sloan Educational Services
Stephen Sacca Sloan Fellows
Patricia Shaughnessy Sloan Technology Services
Gustavo Santana Sloan Technology Services
Adlar Su Sloan Technology Services
Marko Stojkovic Sloan Technology Services