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Staff Office
Jennifer Walker
Amy Wasserman Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Dan Wang Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Andy Yap Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Shiwei Zhang Behavioral and Policy Sciences
JoAnne Yates Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Sarah Wood Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Annie Weiss Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Channa Yem Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Anuja Wadia Career Development Office
Bryan Zaramba Career Development Office
Stephanie Woerner Center for Information Systems Research
Barbara Wixom Center for Information Systems Research
Peter Weill Center for Information Systems Research
Rose Ziv Carpenter Economics, Finance and Accounting
Jake Xia Economics, Finance and Accounting
James Watkins Economics, Finance and Accounting
Laura Ziukaite-Hansen Executive Education
Kristin Zecca Executive Education
Rochelle Weichman Executive Education|Office of the Dean
Patricia White Finance and Administration
Jennifer Zhao Finance and Administration
Susan Young Management Science
Phebe Vayanos Management Science
Cecilia Zenteno Langle Management Science
Chintan Vaishnav Management Science
Marshall Van Alstyne MIT Center for Digital Business
George Westerman MIT Center for Digital Business
Lin Wu MIT Center for Digital Business
Michael Welch MIT Center for Digital Business
David Verrill MIT Center for Digital Business
Kathleen Zorzos Office of External Relations
Betsy Whipple Office of External Relations
Vincent Vittoria Office of External Relations
David Weber Office of External Relations
Alison Wallisch Office of External Relations
Stefanie Wong Office of External Relations
Pamela Ziering Office of External Relations
Keke Xu Office of International Programs
Alan White Office of the Dean
Tara Walor Sloan Educational Services
Pam Walcott Sloan Educational Services
Jackie Wilbur Undergraduate and Master’s Programs Office