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Staff Office
Robert Halperin MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Jennifer Harbaugh Office of External Relations
Krysta Harmon Economics, Finance and Accounting
Stephen Bryce Harper Sloan Technology Services
Pavithra Harsha Management Science
Leila Hashimi Malone Executive Education
Kathryn Hawkes Office of External Relations
Bridgette Hayes Economics, Finance and Accounting
George Heaps-Nelson Management Science
Therese Henderson Economics, Finance and Accounting
Nicolene Hengen Management Science
Tara Henrichon Management Science
Maura Herson MBA Program Office
Lucinda Hill Office of the Dean
Richard Hill MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Nichole Hinkley Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Renee Hirschberg Office of External Relations
Peter Hirst, MBE Executive Education
Johanna Hising Executive MBA
Yael Hochberg Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Jody Hoffer Gittell MIT Leadership Center
Tiffany Hogan Career Development Office
Heather Holland Career Development Office
Robert Holland Jr. Sloan Management Review
Tammy Holmstrom Office of the Dean
Jack Homer Management Science
Becca Honohan Admissions
Anita Horn Sloan Technology Services
Saul Horowitz Sloan Fellows
James Houghton Management Science
Alex Huang Management Science
Rachel Hutton Executive Education
Kenneth Irwin Executive Education
Brittany Jack Admissions
Sara Jacobsen Admissions
Nicholas Jannini Sloan Technology Services
Michellana Jester Action Learning
Glenn Johnston Sloan Technology Services
Diane Jordan Master of Finance
Susan Joyce Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Kyle Judah Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
Brian Kahin MIT Center for Digital Business
Kathleen Kalell Office of External Relations
Jason Kap MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Stephanie Karkut Undergraduate Education
Miro Kazakoff Behavioral and Policy Sciences
Mark Keene Office of Communications
David Keith Management Science
Michael Kelley Sloan Technology Services
Susan Kenney Career Development Office
Amir Khandani Economics, Finance and Accounting
Anne Kiely Admissions
Heekyung Kim MIT Center for Digital Business
Luna Soo Yun Kim Office of External Relations
Eric Kirchhoff Sloan Technology Services
David Kiron Sloan Management Review
Mark Klein MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Susan Kline Career Development Office
Rajiv Kohli Center for Information Systems Research
Laura Koller Office of the Dean|Action Learning
Jayne Korn Finance and Administration
Hasmik Kouchakdjian Sloan Technology Services
Nina Kruschwitz Sloan Management Review
Susan Krusell Center for Information Systems Research
Stuart Krusell Office of International Programs
Lauren Krzynowek Office of External Relations