At a Glance

Where the atmosphere is charged with new ideas

MIT Sloan students say that once they graduate and leave the campus, life at first can seem a little dull. They miss the vitality of this diverse and expansive community where innovation is in the atmosphere, where life-changing ideas are as likely to be launched over coffee in the cafeteria as in the classroom.

What makes the MIT Sloan community so dynamic is the absence of boundaries. Invention here is cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, inter-generational and a result of one key common denominator: excellence. Members of this community believe strongly that there's no point in striving for anything else.

With students and faculty from more than 60 countries, MIT Sloan is a community vibrant in cultural textures. To work, study, or teach at MIT Sloan is to be immersed in an invigorating and vastly satisfying experience of international collaboration. And the products of these collaborations are very often more successful for the rich mix of perspectives that gave birth to them.

Experience some of MIT Sloan's most dynamic academic adventures:

With peers from more than 60 countries and international programs like G-Lab, MIT Sloan students are well prepared for the international marketplace.