The Application Procedure

Do I need to mail in copies of my transcripts?
No, transcripts will be accepted through a self-reporting system. Do not mail official transcripts to the program.


Do you have recommendation paper forms?
No, letters of recommendation must be submitted online and uploaded into the system by each recommender on his/her official company or school letterhead. Each recommender will receive detailed instructions about what questions to address on the letter of recommendation.

Should my recommendation be from work or from a professor?
The most useful recommendations are those from individuals who are able to speak with certainty about your professional and academic achievements and potential. Two letters should be from your professors and one letter from your work supervisor or someone in a position to judge your professional performance.


What is the MIT Sloan MSMS program code for the GMAT?
It is X5X-QS-24.

Is there a minimum GMAT score required?
No, MIT Sloan does not require a minimum GMAT score.

What is your average GMAT?

How long are GMAT scores valid?
GMAT scores are valid for five years; therefore, only tests taken after September 1, 2010 will be considered.

What is the last date on which I can take the GMAT?
The GMAT can be taken up to the last day of the application deadline and be self-reported on the application.

I recently took my GMAT and will not receive the AWA score for another four weeks. Can I submit my application without the AWA score?
Yes, you may submit the electronic application without reporting the AWA score.

Can my GRE score take the place of the GMAT?
Yes, the MSMS program will accept the GRE in lieu of the GMAT. The MIT Sloan MSMS program code for the GRE is 3935.

Do you average GMAT scores if I've taken the test more than once?
No. If you have taken the GMAT more than once, you should use the highest of the scores. We will consider the test score that you have indicated on your application to be your highest score.

Can you confirm receipt of my GMAT score?
No, we cannot confirm receipt of your GMAT score. Please check with GMAC to confirm that you have designated the MIT Sloan MSMS program code (X5X-QS-24) to receive your scores.

Where can I get more information on the GMAT?
You may visit the MBA.com for more information on the GMAT, including sample questions and information on registration.


Am I required to take the TOEFL or IELTS?
No. The verbal sections of the GMAT will be used to evaluate your English language ability.

Admissions Information

Who can apply to the M.S. in Management Studies program?
The Master of Science in Management Studies program is open to applicants who have completed or are in the process of completing an MBA or equivalent degree program at a non-US institution. Applicants from our international partners and cooperating schools are especially encouraged to apply.

Are some parts of the application weighted more than others?
No single characteristic in the application is more important than any other. An area of weakness — for example, a low score on the GMAT — may be successfully offset by strengths in other areas.

What is the application deadline?
The application is due 12:00 P.M. (noon) Eastern Standard Time on January 15, 2015.

Where is the online application?
The online application for September 2015 is available now. You can access the MSMS application online.


What are the general criteria and desired qualifications for admission?

General Criteria
We look for students whose personal characteristics suggest that they will make the most of the opportunities at MIT, both in academic and non-academic areas. We also seek those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. Therefore, we value characteristics such as motivation, involvement, interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership, analytical skills, and tolerance of uncertainty.

Desired Qualifications
Since writing and submitting a completed and approved master’s thesis is required of all MSMS students, we look for students who have a deep interest in a particular area of management suitable for a thesis. In addition, the Admissions Committee looks for excellence — applicants with high academic potential and achievement, and strong motivation and leadership potential. High academic potential and achievement are normally reflected in high GMAT scores, excellent academic records, and recommendations that go beyond the usual polite endorsement. Ability to achieve is usually shown in recommendations, your essay, and relevant experience.

Do I need work experience to apply?
No. While work experience is not a requirement for admission, some experience is helpful to get the most out of the MSMS program experience. People who already have a framework against which to apply their education and to understand workplace issues generally are able to get more out of the program and contribute to classroom discussions.


What is the policy for visiting the MIT Sloan School of Management?
You are always welcome to visit MIT Sloan. Contact the program office about your intended visit and we'll schedule classroom visits.

How do I get to the MIT Sloan School of Management? Where should I stay?
Directions to MIT Sloan
Hotels and accommodations

What is the interview policy?
We will selectively interview individuals who submit an application to the M.S. in Management Studies program. These interviews will be by invitation and at our initiative only; not all applicants will be interviewed.


What is the tuition and cost breakdown?
The 2014-2015 tuition and student activities fee is $63,750. Additional costs for housing, food, medical insurance, books, and personal expenses can be approximately $30,000 for a single student but may vary significantly depending on lifestyle and other personal considerations.

How have MSMS students financed their education?
MSMS Students finance their educations through one or a combination of the following:


What subjects/areas of study are offered at MIT Sloan?
A list of courses offered at the MIT Sloan School of Management is available on the MIT Web pages. You should also visit our Curriculum pages for a description of our curriculum and the four sample areas of concentration.

What are the degree requirements for the M.S. in Management Studies program?
Students spend two academic terms in residence and must meet the Institute's requirement of a minimum of 66 units of graduate level credit, including at least 42 H-level units. Students also must complete a Master's thesis (24 units) in their concentration. Most MIT Sloan subjects range from 3 to 12 units based on an approximation of weekly class hours, lab or thesis units, and outside preparation time.

Can I count credits I've taken at my home institution toward this M.S. in Management Studies degree?
No, you cannot count transfer credits toward the MIT degree

What is the teaching style for professors at MIT Sloan?
MIT Sloan faculty employ a variety of teaching methods, including lecture, case study, team projects, writings, problem sets, presentations, company visits, guest speakers, and other theoretical and applied teaching methods. The teaching method used in a class is the choice of the individual professor and is chosen to best facilitate learning for that subject matter.

What is the average class size?
Elective subjects typically have 25 to 60 students (although a few number as high as 90), and seminars may have even fewer students. Your Master's thesis work will be an individual endeavor with the guidance of your thesis advisor.

Student Life

How many students does the program plan to accept?
Because of the special nature of the program and the relationships between MIT Sloan and the partner schools, as well as with other cooperating institutions, we do not admit a fixed number of students. Admission is limited to a relatively small number of highly qualified students from overseas MBA institutions or equivalent programs.

What student clubs exist at MIT Sloan? What if I want to start a new club?
Each year there are about 70 student organizations and clubs at MIT Sloan. The clubs sponsor events, invite and host speakers, and conduct forums. There are also intramural sports teams which compete within the MIT intramural system, as well as against other MBA programs in the northeast and nationally. If there is an area that interests you, but is not represented through a student organization, we encourage you to start one.

Where do most students live?
Most MSMS students choose to live in on-campus housing. Demand exceeds supply, so a lottery system is used to allocate both the single student and married student housing units.

The MIT Off-Campus Housing Office is an excellent resource for locating possibilities. Affordable housing can be found close to the campus and near the public transportation system.

Career Development

Can I use the resources of the Career Development Office (CDO)?
Yes, the services of the CDO is available to students in the M.S. in Management Studies program.

MIT Sloan provides a broad range of career development services to help Master of Science in Management Studies students achieve their career goals. MIT Sloan, particularly through the Career Development Office, offers extensive resources to help students connect with companies, alumni, and leaders who can help guide them toward rewarding careers.*

Throughout the academic year the CDO sponsors a number of programs designed to help students develop the skills and strategies that will help them achieve their career goals.

*All students have access to our career education and advising services. Full-time recruiting services are available to all MSMS students except those that have identified themselves as obligated to return to a company/sponsor after completing their degree.

In addition to the analytic rigor you would expect from MIT, we offer a sharp focus on the demands of actual business problems, and an array of new opportunities to practice skills of leadership and to connect with the world of business practice. More >>