A Customizable, Advanced Master’s Degree for Students from Non-U.S. Business Schools

The Master of Science in Management Studies (MSMS) Program at MIT Sloan School of Management offers talented students from around the world the opportunity to enhance their expertise in a chosen management concentration. This rigorous program accepts top MBA or equivalent master’s degree students from non-U.S. business schools to study a specific field in depth while working alongside world-renowned MIT Sloan faculty and students. The end result is a Master of Science degree from MIT in two semesters.

Participants in this program are able to customize their educational experience based on their academic and professional interests. Students enroll in either MIT Sloan elective classes or in electives offered in other MIT departments. Students may also cross register for electives at Harvard University. Carefully selected courses help students focus as they write their theses and foster career goals. Students may receive professional development services from the MIT Sloan Career Development Office to develop the industry knowledge and skills to compete in today’s competitive job market. Upon graduation, students join the ranks of 120,000+ MIT and 20,000+ MIT Sloan alumni who serve as effective resources for each other and for MIT.

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Michael Cusumano
SMR Distinguished Professor of Management
MSMS Faculty Director

“It takes a special kind of student to come to MIT Sloan for nine months, write a master’s thesis with world-class faculty experts, and undertake challenging academic coursework with students from around the world. We welcome excellent students from international institutions who have an MBA or comparable degree and have demonstrated excellence in their academic work and careers. The combination of an overseas MBA and an MSMS degree makes our students uniquely qualified to handle the global marketplace, whether they are interested in entrepreneurship, finance, international management, technological innovation, or any of the other areas we excel in at MIT.”