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FAQs for Finance Research Practicum Sponsors

How are students assigned to projects?

The course instructors determine the assignments, taking into account the preferences of students and sponsors, as well as the required skill set for the project.

If I agree to participate, am I guaranteed a team will be assigned to my project?

No. While we intend to use every project, the number of projects needed is not finalized until course participants are confirmed.

How does the Finance Research Practicum differ from an internship?

The Finance Research Practicum allows students to experience how to apply coursework to real world scenarios. It differs from an internship in the following ways:

  • Students are not employees of the sponsor.
  • The course instructors recruits projects that leverage the academic curriculum and meet the course objectives.
  • The school, rather than the sponsor, assigns the teams.
  • Students receive mentoring from the course’s instructional staff.

Can I use the Practicum as a recruiting tool?

Yes. Please let us know if this is your goal, and we will work with you and our Career Development Office to ensure that your needs are met.

What is the cost for me to participate in the Practicum?

MIT Sloan does not charge sponsors to participate. However, some sponsors incur out-of-pocket costs. Most notably, some sponsors hosting students onsite in a location outside of the Boston area will reimburse for students’ travel and living expenses. Other expenses may include the sponsor traveling to campus and the purchase of data and software.

What determines if the project is done onsite or offsite?

The sponsor and faculty determine what is appropriate for the project and the students(s). Our preference is for the project to be on site, but we recognize that some sponsors cannot accommodate this option.

Is it appropriate to ask students to sign a confidentiality agreement?

It is important to think about what is and is not proprietary and communicate this to students. In some cases, sponsors may wish to formalize an understanding, in which case the sponsor should talk to one of the course instructors.

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