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Sample Finance Research Practicum projects
Sample Proseminar in Corporate Finance/Investment Banking projects
Sample Proseminar in Investment Management/Capital Markets projects


Sample Finance Research Practicum projects

Investment Research

  • Assess the predictive power of leader-follower relationships among companies.
  • Use skew modeling to develop a signal for options trading.
  • Conduct an industry review of the cyber-security industry.

Business Strategy

  • Develop a plan for an investment firm to enter a new market.
  • Explore strategic options for an underperforming manufacturing division.

Risk Measurement

  • Develop a method for incorporating news analytics into covariance matrix estimation.
  • Investigate if start-up hedge funds have different risk characteristics than mature funds.

Public Sector

  • Use an agent-based model to simulate the effect of potential changes in regulations.
  • Study firm investment behavior in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

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Sample Proseminar in Corporate Finance/Investment Banking projects:

  • Provide investment banking advice to a private equity-controlled chemical company, including valuation analysis and exit strategies.
  • Give recommendations on raising capital for a rapidly growing private company.
  • Conduct a valuation of two major home construction companies.
  • Provide investment banking advice to a private company considering an IPO or sale of the company.
  • Give mergers and acquisitions advice to the CEO of a public company receiving an unsolicited acquisition offer.
  • Give going-private advice for a closely held, large public corporation.
  • Learn the value of a captive finance unit to an industrial manufacturer.
  • Evaluate an acquisition opportunity in the healthcare market.
  • Assess the long-term growth opportunities for a niche financing business.
  • Determine the cost of hedging at a commodity processing company.
  • Analyze a technology company’s current financial position and develop a financial plan to match the company’s growth strategy.

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Sample Proseminar in Capital Markets/Investment Management projects:

  • Determine a portfolio’s optimal rebalancing schedule
  • Review and classify methodologies for detecting crowded trades within equity, fixed income, and currency markets.
  • Develop and test strategies for replicating hedge fund style returns.
  • Design a portfolio construction technique which takes into account non-normal returns and realistic risk preferences.
  • Determine a portfolio’s optimal exposure to illiquid assets.
  • Analyze the cost of trading foreign exchange for a major New York-based asset management firm.
  • Prepare an asset allocation analysis for a pension fund to account for the claims of corporate stakeholders.

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