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About GlobalHealth Lab for prospective host organizations

Every year, MIT Sloan School of Management works with frontline health care enterprises in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia to address problems, decisions, and opportunities. Guided by MIT Sloan faculty and global health experts, experienced graduate students plan, refine, and help enact substantial improvements to meet the needs of partner organizations. The goal is to tackle constraints that limit health care delivery for organizations serving patients in resource-limited settings.

Overview of timing
Applications are open in August, refined in collaboration with GlobalHealth Lab staff between September and November, and the final set is selected in December. By January, student teams will be working from MIT. Intensive remote and on-site work takes place from early February to the end of April.

How does it work?
We collaborate with potential partners to identify their pressing problems. If there’s a good fit, we define an actionable project. At the start of the course, each team of four students, most with several years’ work experience, pairs with a host. Teams work part-time from MIT for two months, then full-time on-site for two weeks, ending with a final presentation of the work and findings. The collaboration wraps up after the work is finalized back at MIT in April.

What domains does GlobalHealth Lab address?
Projects cluster in four areas: operations, strategy, marketing, and technology use; a fifth type of project tackles all of these domains by taking an overall management approach.

How is this possible?
We build on MIT Sloan’s signature international Action Learning platform. Over the past five years more than 200 MIT graduate students have worked with businesses and organizations across Africa and South Asia, applying management skills, tools, and approaches to address health care delivery problems. Our global health focus is enabled by expertise and resources of our partners, including experts at the Global Health Delivery Project and our own alumni. Students are unpaid and no fees are involved. We share travel costs with hosts.

Why do this?
We aim to contribute via teaching and learning, serving host needs, and generating ideas and insights that could inform others and spur future work, including research. Health delivery organizations and their leaders need innovative and practical approaches. So far, close to 60 projects have demonstrated that tangible improvements can increase efficiency, reduce problems, and support the development of health delivery organizations.

Your next steps
Interested in a collaborative project with GlobalHealth Lab? Learn more or start your application right away.

Learn more. Download a detailed guide to the application process for prospective host organizations or a handy one-page version of this page that includes our contact information. For more information, consult our website. It features a short video about the process for partnering with GlobalHealth Lab, along with examples of past projects.

Apply online for a project. To start, go to My GlobalHealth Lab. Once you’ve completed the initial check, you may want to download a word document version of the application to use in developing your proposed project.

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