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Managing Sustainable Businesses for People and Profits

Managing Sustainable Businesses for People and Profits (P-Lab) focuses on the strategies, policies, practices, and leadership needed to build and grow organizations that achieve high levels of performance and returns to shareholders and society while generating and maintaining high quality jobs and career opportunities.

P-Lab utilizes readings, cases, simulations, and class visits from industry leaders to cover the knowledge and skills needed to create and manage sustainable organizations. Students apply what they've learned to field projects that address the challenges that organizations are facing in pursuing these objectives.

The goal of P-Lab is to engage the students in advancing thought and solidifying underlying principles for social sustainability. With a special emphasis on work, the workplace, and forces that influence the actions of employers, this course explores the opportunities for coherent and effective social sustainability practices. P-Lab strives to close the gap between today's reality and a vision for tomorrow's organizations and society.

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