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Enterprise Transformations in the Digital Economy

Enterprise Transformations in the Digital Economy (T-Lab) explores, through case studies, executive visits, and hands-on projects, what established companies must do to transform themselves for success in the digital age.

Business leaders are excited about the possibilities inherent in the newest technologies, such as those presented by SMACIT (social, mobile, analytics, cloud, internet of things). They introduce these tools and techniques and allocate resources for their deployment, but they are often disappointed with the results. Why? Because technologies and markets tend to change much faster than people, systems, and institutions. This natural misalignment creates fascinating, and often perplexing, business challenges. It also creates opportunities for companies who manage these technologies most effectively to gain a competitive advantage.

T-Lab, based primarily on research conducted at MIT Sloan’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), is intended to help students become more effective leaders or consultants in an increasingly global and fast-paced business environment. Students will apply their learning in action learning projects that partner student teams with leaders from selected CISR sponsor companies —all large global firms. Most projects may be conducted remotely, and a few may offer optional site visits during spring break. Sponsoring companies will specify project requirements, and students will select from a wide variety of project proposals. Student teams will present their recommendations both to their project sponsors and to their classmates.

For further information about T-Lab, please read this course overview. Potential project sponsors should begin the proposal process by creating an Action Learning account and then completing the application process.

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