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  • Directory

    Are you moving to a new country or city? Looking to talk to fellow alumni in a different industry? Hoping to establish connections back to MIT? Or just trying to stay in touch? Use the tools below to connect with old friends and classmates, meet fellow MIT and MIT Sloan alumni at your company, and tap into the worldwide alumni network.

    • Alumni Portal
      MySloan Alumni Directory

      The MySloan Alumni Portal connects you to an array of resources and allows you to browse School news and information, access tools, and stay engaged with the MIT Sloan community. Update your profile, find classmates, websites, and social networking profiles, and expand your global network by locating more than 20,000 MIT Sloan alumni and affiliates.
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    • Infinite Connection
      Infinite Connection

      The MIT Alumni Association’s Infinite Connection gives all MIT degree-program graduates and students, including MIT Sloan graduates, access to the entire MIT alumni community. If you are looking for other MIT alumni who do not have a degree from MIT Sloan, please check the MIT Infinite Connection. To log in to the Infinite Connection, you will need your MIT e-mail for life (EFL) user ID and password, which may be different from your MIT Sloan Alumni Directory credentials.
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    • Affiliate Alumni
      Affiliate Alumni

      If you studied at an MIT Sloan partner university, click here to find a coordinator for your school. ACE/ACSE affiliates who received a certificate from the MIT Sloan Executive Education Program will also find contact information here.
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  • FAQ

    I’m a student. How do I access the Alumni Directory?
    Current students can use their existing MySloan account to gain access to the Directory.

    If I update my information in the MySloan Directory will it update Infinite Connection?
    No, you must log into Infinite Connection and update that information separately.

    I don’t have an MIT Sloan E-mail For Life. How can I get one?
    Please fill out our registration form here.

    I don’t have an MIT Sloan Account. What should I do?
    Please fill out our Activate Account form here.

    I’ve forgotten my username or password. How can I recover it?
    Visit our Lost Username/Password form here.

    I need further assistance? What should I do?
    Please fill out our Help form here.