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  • Jeff Baer  

    Jeff Baer, MBA 2006

    Founder and CEO, LinkeDrive, Inc.


    Jeff Baer is a Boston-based technologist and one of today’s driving forces in the innovation economy. As founder and CEO of LinkeDrive, Inc., he leads the vision and execution for the company’s enterprise mobile platform (DATA) and PedalCoach® application. As the foundation for the “Internet of Trucks,” these integrated, mobile solutions increase fuel efficiency, safety and driver retention rates for the transportation industry.

    Prior to LinkeDrive, Jeff held senior management positions at A123 Systems, where he led sales for the commercial vehicle and automotive market; RAMP Holdings, where he led business development; and Ford Motor Company, where he developed powertrain systems and engine control software and marketed Ford trucks.

    Jeff holds an MBA and SM in Engineering Systems from MIT and is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Mechanical Engineering program.