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  • Frank E. Gillett  

    Frank E. Gillett, SM 1993

    Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving CIOs, Forrester Research


    Frank serves CIOs, plus their teams and tech industry suppliers, by predicting the technologies and business impact of the Internet of Things, connected home, connected car, and the landscape of emerging technologies. He investigates emerging trends and technologies — and their adoption by pioneering customers — to predict the impact on businesses, employees, and consumers across the globe.

    Frank's leading work includes predicting the rise of the personal cloud and digital self, the reinvention of the post-mobile PC, the emergence of new computing infrastructure such as microservers and GPU compute, and predicting the internal private cloud in 2002.

    Before joining Forrester in 1998, Frank consulted on business process re-engineering for the insurance industry and worked on supply chain quality at General Motors. His 30 years of work experience includes exposure to banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, public works, professional services, food service, and photography.

    Frank earned master's degrees from the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Technology and Policy Program. He graduated from Duke University with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a second major in international relations.