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  • Regional Programming

    Whether you are based in Cambridge or San Francisco, São Paolo or Hong Kong, there is alumni activity in your region. Local MIT and MIT Sloan alumni clubs host regular events and activities and provide valuable opportunities to network, connect, and learn about current MIT and MIT Sloan activity in Cambridge and around the world. For more information on past events, visit our Past Events page.

    This year, we are highlighting conferences hosted by the Office of International Programs. If you have questions, please call (617) 452-3400.

Jul. 13  

MIT Asia Conference in Accounting

Join us for a 3-day academic conference where latest research in accounting is presented.  
Aug. 6  

Annual Summer Gathering

Register today for the 27th Annual MIT Sloan Summer Gathering in Northern California.  
Aug. 28  

Latin America China Conference

Join us for this inaugural conference featuring keynote speaker, Mr. Jian Gao, former Executive Vice President of China Development Bank.