• 2018 Innovation Showcase Banner
  • MIT Sloan Innovation Showcase: Beaver Tank

    Have you launched a startup and want to present it to the MIT Sloan alumni community?
    Hosted by the Office of External Relations and the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, the MIT Sloan Innovation Showcase: Beaver Tank is a forum for alumni to present new business ventures to an audience of Reunion alumni and guests.

    How it works: Each entrepreneur is given 3 minutes and up to 3 slides to pitch the critical differentiating elements of their company/startup/idea. After each presentation, the emcee will encourage the audience to provide live feedback using their mobile devices which will be projected live on the screen! After the showcase concludes, presenters will have the opportunity to talk further about their business concepts at an open house following the program. Each presenter will have a table for product displays, information, and the opportunity to make connections with the MIT Sloan alumni community.

  • Application deadline is Friday, May 4, 2018.

    Items required for your submission – these will be included in the printed program:
         1. First name
         2. Last Name
         3. Email address
         4. Personal Twitter Handle
         5. Cell Phone Number (will not be printed in the program)
         6. Program and Class Year
         7. Company Name and Twitter Handle
         8. Company Location
         9. Industry
         10. Your Business Title
         11. Company Descriptor (1 sentence)
         12. Company Tagline
         13. Company Website
         14. Funding to date
         15. One thing your start-up needs the most (ex. funding, recruit talent, customers, etc.)

    The Reunion Weekend Team will review all submissions and reach out to applicants to confirm accepted and declined pitches by Friday, May 11.

    Accepted participants will be given the opportunity to provide up to 3 PowerPoint slides with limited animation for the Showcase. A PowerPoint slide template will be provided (16:9 size). Slide will be due on Friday, May 25.

    Participants will receive an email from the Reunion Weekend Team with final details and agenda for the event by Tuesday, May 29.

    The Showcase will take place at MIT Sloan on Saturday, June 9. 

    Should you have any questions, please email Patsy Thompson at pthomps@mit.edu.

    The 3-Minute Pitch Elements to Consider:

    - Introduction: Who are you?
    - Hook: What is the problem/opportunity?
    - Solution: What are you doing about it?
    - Value Proposition: How does this create value for the target audience?
    - Call to Action: What do you need to take your company to the next level?


    - Audience Questions: What is one thing that you would really like to ask the audience to get you to that next step?

      Curious as to how the event will flow?
    Below is a sample timeline of the event.

    4:30 p.m.

    Participants will arrive at event location to set up showcase open house tables. Staff will run-through the event with participants and provide a 5-minute AV instructional.

    4:45 p.m.   

    Participants will take their seats. Seats will be assigned in order by last name.

    5:00 p.m.

    Event Begins 
    Welcome Remarks and Keynote.

    5:20 p.m.

    Pitch Presentation 
    Participants are introduced, when your name is announced you can take the stage to present. You will have 3-minutes seconds to make your pitch, if you go over the allotted time mark, the emcee will politely begin a round of applause. A timer will be provided in front of the stage area. The emcee will then prompt the audience to use their mobile devices to answer a few survey questions where the responses will be projected live on the screen in the auditorium. Once you complete your pitch and the audience participation has concluded, you will pass the microphone to the next participant.

    5:50 p.m.

    Speaking Program Ends

    5:55 p.m.

    Networking Open House Begins 
    Following the closing remarks, attendees are encouraged to participate at the open house.

    6:30 p.m.

    Event Ends

    2017 Showcase

    Francisco Aguilar, MBA ‘12 
    Bounce Imaging makes throwable 360/VR cameras that provide police and other first-responders with instant situational awareness in dangerous environments.

    Daniel Aronson, MBA 1999
    Valutus creates tools and processes that catalyze action on sustainability.

    John Bay SM 1987
    AlgorithmHub is a secure cloud-based software platform that provides scientists a turn-key solution to access high-performance computing (HPC)

    Olivier Ceberio, MBA 2007
    Resolute Marine has devised a unique solution to this problem - the world’s first wave-driven desalination system that can be deployed quickly, operate completely off-grid and supply large quantities of clean fresh water at competitive cost.

    Jason Escamillia, MBA 2002
    Impact Labs, Inc. personalizes investing by providing the mainstream investor an unprecedented level of choice.

    Pandwe Gibson, SF 2017
    EcoTech Visions is a Maker Incubator launching B to B start ups within the greentech space.

    Gregor Hanuschak, MBA 2008
    Smack Innovations provides the safest and least expensive way to turn your car into a connected car.

    Brian Hess, EMBA 2014
    LaunchPad Medical provides the first bone adhesive (Tetranite) to treat fractured bone and stabilize metal hardware.

    Nitin Jain, EMBA 2014
    innoServ is a fast convenient way of dispensing prescription drugs at pharmacies after hours and reducing wait times at the pharmacy during normal operating hours.

    Yeona Jang, SM 1992, PhD ‘1993
    eXplorance is a Learning Experience Management (LEM) solutions provider, empowers institutions to make right decisions with fact-based learning analytics for student success and employee happiness.

    Asad Jumabhoy, SM 1986 & Ameer Jumabhoy, MBA 2017
    UTU is a global mobile loyalty and rewards program. So that the traveler can get rewarded wherever they go.

    Jacqueline Khoury, MSMS 2016
    Brio Systems is a biotech startup focused on personal wellness.

    Philip Kong, MBA 2002
    Juriz Systems is a software platform to improve legal decision-making accuracy and speed, and to improve justice system outcomes for all types of proceedings.

    Nabil Laoudji, MBA 2012
    Baltitude is a concept to help men go bald proud and confidently.

    Davide Macchi, MBA 2016
    dueminuti is a casual restaurant serving healthy, gourmet pasta meals based on a proprietary healthy pasta formula.

    Erik Mintz, MBA 2013
    DealCoachPro accelerates complex B2B sales deals by aligning the sales process to the buyer’s journey.

    Diederic Moojen, SM 1977
    European Institute is commercializing quality wine from Europe to our friends in China.

    Ndidi Obidoa, MBA 2007
    Bolden is a skincare brand that makes products that work very well for women of color.

    Wen Jie Ong, PhD 2018
    Divaqua Technologies provides an affordable, effective filter that removes lead from drinking water.

    Leila Pirhaji, PhD 2016
    ReviveMed is a precision-medicine platform that leverages the data from small molecules or metabolites.

    Arun Prakash, MBA 2007
    With Cerebri AI, you can value customers’ vendor perceptions and ability to buy and sell on an individual basis.

    Siamak Salimpour Zangene, MOT 2002
    PROPASSIONAL is a revolutionary high-touch Opportunity Matching app that aims to solve outdated employment model that result in career mismatch in the labor market.

    Jill Sherman, SF 2012
    Modalyst simplifies the ecommerce supply chain for everyone: Inventory by thousands of dropshipping suppliers, sourced by millions of e-tailers, all simplified through one centralized platform.

    Ambika Singh, MBA 2016
    Armoire is an infinite wardrobe, curated to fit your style and schedule.

    Abhi Yadav, SF 2013
    ZyloTech hels customer centric companies to leverage all their data and do customer analytics in real time decision engine with sophisticated AI towards customer monetization and retention marketing.

    2016 Showcase

    Perihan AbouZeid, MBA 2015
    MoviePigs is a mashup of Netflix and KickStarter for international films.

    Raffaele Colella, MBA 2011
    Cannonball is an email app for reorganizing your inbox.

    Andrej Danko, SF 2014
    Shortlist displaces costly headhunters and brings senior-level recruiting online for the first time.

    Noel Dill, SM 1973
    HoppinIn is a mobile app that allows users to create, publicize, and hear about local events (Hops).

    Jason Ethier (Representing John Bourneuf, SF 1985)
    Dynamo will provide electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, and thermal power for oil and gas applications.

    Daniel Heyman, MBA 2014
    Pyrus is an app to make professional networking better for individuals and teams.

    Nitin Jain, EMBA 2014
    SpoutUp is focused on helping emerging products transition from their early stage to successful viral brands by connecting product creators with enthusiastic consumers and social influencers.

    Ayesha Khalid, SF 2014
    Doctella is an online tool that allows patients and their doctors to communicate easily.

    Graham O’Keeffe, SM 1990
    DisplayLink makes it easy to connect any device to any display using USB or Wifi.

    Andy Rebele, MBA 1995
    Pure Watercraft is dedicated to making boating quiet, clean, and high performance.

    Fabio Robayo, MF 2014
    Alkanza is an easy to use automated platform to manage your investment accounts and help you set up a low cost, highly diversified portfolio to achieve fair returns. 

    Lacramioara Schulte auf’m Erley, EMBA 2014
    Shtrands is an online platform that delivers luxury products through a highly customized hair care regime to recreate the salon feel at home.

    Swaminathan Sekar, LGO 2010
    Lagniapp transforms the customer dining experience by connecting you directly with service professionals.

    Judith Seltzer, SF 2000
    Business Planning for Health is an online program created by MSH to help NGOs diversify their revenue streams through income generating innovations.

    Abhishek Syal, MBA 2015
    Arise Impact is a non-profit dedicated to developing and disseminating self-learning content, games, and apps to increase employment for the differently-abled.

    Avi Weiss, MBA 1999
    Finidex is an application for sharing financial analysis — direct to user and 3rd party access.