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  • Mitch Kapor  

    Mitch Kapor

    Founder, Lotus Development


    Mitch Kapor is a pioneer of the personal computing industry and has been at the forefront of information technology for more than 30 years as an entrepreneur, software designer, and investor. He is widely known as founder of Lotus Development Corporation and the designer of Lotus 1-2-3, the “killer application” which made the personal computer ubiquitous in the business world in the 1980s.

    Other pioneering organizations in which Kapor has played an important role include: as founding investor, UUNET, the first commercial Internet Service Provider; as co-founder, Electronic Frontier Foundation, which protects freedom and privacy on the Internet; as founding investor Real Networks, the first company to offer streaming media over the Internet; as founding chair, the Mozilla Foundation, maker of the open source web browser Firefox; and as founding investor and Chair, Linden Research, the creator of the first successful virtual world, Second Life.