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    Established in 2014, the mission of the MIT Sloan Alumni Board is to create a strong, supportive, and visible global community that benefits alumni, students, and the School. Comprised of 31 MIT Sloan alumni from around the world, the MIT Sloan Alumni Board is currently focused on five key working areas, Action Learning, Personalized Connectivity, Recent Graduate Philanthropy, Regional/Affinity Initiatives and Volunteer Program Development. Through the combined work of the leadership group and the five teams, the MIT Sloan Alumni Board seeks to create a strong and supportive global community where every one of us values and benefits from the MIT Sloan network.

    The board meets in person once per year on camous and quarterly via phone. In addition, the teams meet on an ad hoc basis to address their charges.

    Meet the Alumni Board

    Board Chair: Aliza Blachman O’Keeffe, SM ’90
    Executive Committee:
    Craig Edelstein, SF '06
    Jean Elliot, MBA '97
    Johnny Ghirardelli, MBA '14
    Sean Padgett, MBA '98
    Pam Pudar, SM '90

    • Alumni Clubs
      Action Learning

      In partnership with the MIT Sloan Action Learning department, the Action Learning team is helping determine the long-term effectiveness of the program, by assessing the impact on former students and organizations, conducting qualitative interviews with alumni who participated in Action Learning and can reflect on the value of the pedagogical approach, and using quantitative analysis of the impact on associated organizations.

    Team Lead: Sean Padgett, MBA '98
    Sam Epee-Bounya MBA '13
    Min Lin, MBA '04
    Jorge Rodriguez, MBA '96
    • Reunion 2010
      Personalized Connectivity

      The Personalized Connectivity team is delivering curated communications & content to the alumni population, building on the FY16 roadmap of the current experience and what is needed to meet individual needs of various constituent groups or individuals, and working with other key parties across MIT to make available good quality data and the tools necessary to facilitate appropriate delivery. 

    Team Lead: Craig Edelstein, SF '06
    Karthik Bala, EMBA '13
    David Menachery, MBA ’09
    Anita Moorthy, MBA '02
    Lisa Schirf, MBA ’02
    Edward Walsh, EMBA ’13
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      Recent Graduate Philanthropy

      Building off of the success of the OER's class gift campaign for graduating students, the Recent Graduate Philanthropy team is developing a specific, targeted philanthropy strategy for 'recent graduate' years, with the objective of fostering a stronger culture of philanthropy over time among students and the alumni community.

    Team Lead: Johnny Ghirardelli, MBA '14
    Josh Brown, MBA '06
    Bob Meese, MBA '08
    Rachel Patterson, MBA '15
    Isa Watson, MBA '13
    • Admissions Events and Sloan on the Road
      Regional/Affinity Initiatives

      The Regional/Affinity Initiatives team is enhancing alumni engagement in two key ways. First, identifying, prioritizing and developing plans for select affinity groups in high-density alumni locations and/or as virtual networks independent of geography. Second, designing outreach and engagement opportunities for alumni in 'no-club' geographies, perhaps leveraging identifiable 'catalyst' alumni who could spearhead or support efforts in traditional or non-traditional ways.​​​​  

    Team Lead: Pam Pudar, SM '90
    Ulli Domany, SF '14
    Justin Guichard, MBA '05
    Sree Koka, EMBA '13
    Jane Levy, MBA '97
    Kristen Robinson, EMBA '13
    Din Shih, SM '93
    • Class gift
      Volunteer Program Development

      The Volunteer Program Development team is designing a comprehensive volunteer recruitment & retention program (including recruiting, training/skill-building, targets, communications, rewards/recognition) and including improved structure and support for Class Agents, Corporate Champions, Reunion, Club and Sloan 5 volunteers. As well as, reviewing the current programs to recommend enhancements, new plans and coordinated implementation.

    Team Lead: Jean Elliot, MBA '97
    Rachel Carter, MBA '11
    Tanguy Catlin, MBA '04
    Carter Dunn, MBA ’10
    Kerry James, MBA '01
    Zee Mirza, MBA '99
    Maxi Rohm, MBA '06
    Yiting Shen, MBA '07