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  • Alumni Board

    Established in 2014, the mission of the MIT Sloan Alumni Board is to create a strong, supportive, and visible global community that benefits alumni, students, and the School. Comprised of approximately 30 MIT Sloan alumni from around the world, the Alumni Board is currently focused on five key working areas, Admission, Clubs, Curated Content and Communications, Dean's Circle and Philanthropic Participation. Through the combined work of the leadership group and the five committees, the Alumni Board seeks to create a strong and supportive global community where every one of us values and benefits from the MIT Sloan network.

    The board meets in person and on campus one to two times per year. In addition, the committees meet on an ad hoc basis to address their charges. Please check back to learn more about the activities of the MIT Sloan Alumni Board.

    Meet the Alumni Board

    Board Chair: Aliza Blachman O’Keeffe, SM ’90
    Admissions Committee Chair: John Tobin, EMBA '13
    Clubs Committee Chair: Bob Meese, MBA '08
    Curated Content and Communications Committee Chair: Craig Edelstein, SF '06
    Dean's Circle Committee Chair: Sean Padgett, MBA '98
    Philanthropic Participation Committee Chair: Rachel Carter, MBA '11

    • Admissions Events and Sloan on the Road
      Admissions Committee

      This committee is working closely with the MIT Sloan Admissions team to determine how alumni can play a more strategic and influential role in the admissions cycle.​​  

    Committee Chair: John Tobin, EMBA ‘13
    Joshua Brown, MBA ‘06
    Tong Lee, SB ’86, SM ‘87
    Zeeshan Mirza, MBA ’99
    Philip Van Overberghe, MBA ’97
    • Alumni Clubs
      Clubs Committee

      This committee is addressing how best to work with alumni in areas where there are no existing MIT Sloan clubs, recommend where there would be benefit from creating a new MIT Sloan club, and where, and how, the School could create better visibility and representation for MIT Sloan within existing MIT clubs.

    Committee Chair: Bob Meese, MBA ’08
    Natalie Karpov, MBA ’04
    Ronnie Lee Thomas, SM ’94
    Yiting Shen, MBA ’07
    Din Shih, SM ’93
    • Reunion 2010
      Curated Content and Communications Committee

      This committee is looking into the School's available communication and content, considering developing needs and determining how to better streamline and target alumni as a whole and/or in segments.

    Committee Chair: Craig Edelstein, SF '06
    Karthik Bala, EMBA '13
    Clara Brenner, MBA ’12
    Ruby Chandy, SB ’82, SM ’89
    David Menachery, MBA ’09
    Pamela Pudar, SM ’90
    Lisa Schirf, MBA ’02
    Edward Walsh, EMBA ’13
    • Class gift
      Dean's Circle Committee

      This committee has partnered with the communications and annual giving offices to build a campaign that will aim to elevate awareness and make the case for support at the Dean's Circle level.

    Committee Chair: Sean Padgett, MBA ’98
    Carter Dunn, MBA ’10
    Justin Guichard, MBA ’05
    Alejandro Simkievich, MBA ’03
    Isa Watson, MBA ’13
    • annual fund image
      Philanthropic Participation Committee

      This committee is looking into an overall strategy for programs, including recruitment, sustaining of class agents and reunion giving volunteers, and recommending new volunteer models, such as corporate champions, as well as helping the School increase solicitation effectiveness and build a stronger culture of philanthropy.

    Committee Chair: Rachel Carter, MBA ’11
    Jean Elliott, MBA ’97
    Marisa Gerla, MBA ’12
    Kerry James, SB ’95, MBA ’01
    Eric Silverman, SM ’91