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  • MIT Sloan Alumni Board

    Established in 2014, the mission of the MIT Sloan Alumni Board is to create a strong, supportive, and visible global community that benefits alumni, students, and the School.

    Comprised of 23 MIT Sloan alumni from around the world, the MIT Sloan Alumni Board is currently focused on three key working areas (sub-committees):

    - Communities, Resources & Services
    - Marketing & Communications
    - Volunteering & Philanthropy

    Through the combined work of the leadership group and the three teams, the MIT Sloan Alumni Board seeks to create a strong and supportive global community where every one of us values and benefits from the MIT Sloan network.

    The board meets in person once per year on campus and quarterly via phone. In addition, the teams meet on an ad hoc basis to address their charges.

  • Meet the MIT Sloan Alumni Board Members

    Board Chair

    Kristen Robinson Darcy, EMBA 2013
    Executive Committee

    Sam Epee-Bounya, MBA 2003

    Jane Levy, MBA 1997

    Stewart Sidhu, SF 2009


    Noel Brown, MBA 2000

    Tanguy Catlin, MBA 2004

    Ulli Domany-Funtan, SF 2014

    John Ghirardelli, MBA 2014

    Kerry James, MBA 2001

    Sree Koka, EMBA 2013

    Min Lin, MBA 2004

    Rosamond Lu, MBA 2004

    Josh Mahon, MBA 2004

    Anita Moorthy, MBA 2002

    Stephanie O'Dear, EMBA 2017

    Rachel Patterson, MBA 2015

    Christopher Reichert, MOT 2004

    Maxi Rohm, MBA 2006

    Xiaoyan Shu, MBA 2009

    Gil Simon, MBA 2003

    Barry Stein, EMBA 2017

    Noor Sweid, MBA 2005

    Francisco Varela, MBA 1999

    Communities, Resources & Services


    What approach should MIT Sloan take to engage, support, and celebrate diverse communities of alumni around the world?

    The reality and the perception of the strength and composition of our alumni base, as well as what we 'offer' alumni, likely affects our ability to attract and engage a diverse group of qualified candidates around the globe - including geographic diversity, gender diversity, racial diversity, and industry sector diversity. This project focuses on the status of where we are today, and considers activities occurring in different region or for different target groups that would influence one's decision to apply to an MBA program (or other advanced degree).


    Marketing & Communications


    How can we best communicate MIT Sloan's global impact to alumni and beyond?

    We know that the work of MIT Sloan faculty and alumni makes an impact in many ways around the world. While OER/the School has a selection of stories that we often tell to demonstrate this impact, there are likely many more that we do not know about. This project focuses on what stories to share, how, and to whom as well as what resonates with the alumni community.

    Volunteering & Philanthropy


    How do we adapt our volunteering opportunities to fit better with changing alumni lifestyles?

    Similarly to how people have changed the way they access and read news over the course of the past decade, the way people choose to volunteer their time has also changed. Today, we are hearing words such as "micro" and "bite-sized" volunteer opportunities. This project will look at organizations that are managing different types of volunteers of different ages and stages, and doing it will. This project also looks at how some of those roles could match with the MIT Sloan alumni profile and recommend new opportunities that might work.