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  • Mentoring FAQ

  • What is the MIT Sloan Mentoring Program?
    The MIT Sloan Mentoring Program connects current MIT Sloan students with MIT Sloan alumni, providing them with an easy way to form rewarding, mutually beneficial relationships.
    How does it work?
    Students and prospective mentors begin the process by completing an online user profile that provides basic information about education and career interests. The system suggests matches based on these profiles, and provides students with a targeted list of prospective mentors. Students then can choose which mentor they would like to meet and initiate contact to begin a mentor/mentee relationship. After they are contacted by students, alumni mentors can choose which students to mentor based on their mutual interests and relevant expertise.
    What makes it different?
    The MIT Sloan Mentoring Program brings a new level of clarity and efficiency to mentoring. The program’s online platform uses an algorithm to ensure logical, relevant matches. Mentors control their level of participation in the program, which makes serving as a mentor a more manageable and rewarding experience.
    What is the time commitment involved?
    We ask mentors to commit to a minimum of six months to one year of participation in the program to ensure that mentees fully benefit from the relationship. If a mentor must leave the program, we request that they provide one-month notice.
    Why should I consider serving as a mentor?
    Working with students one-on-one gives mentors new insight and fresh perspective, and keeps them connected to the innovation that drives MIT Sloan. By helping to prepare the next generation of successful graduates, they build and strengthen the MIT Sloan alumni network. Mentoring is a personal, important way to impact a student and give back to MIT Sloan.
    As a student, why would I want to be in the program?
    The program gives students the opportunity to form one-on-one relationships with successful alumni. Mentors provide resources, support, and tips related to job hunting and career choices. They can also make introductions to other professionals and the larger MIT Sloan alumni community and expand students’ horizons as they consider career options.
    Is the Mentoring Program a way for students to find a job?
    No. While it is a great way for students to connect with alumni for valuable career guidance and other support, it is not intended as a job search tool.