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  • Lewent Challenge

    Thank you for meeting the challenge!

    Thanks to 4,615 of our generous alumni, we exceeded our Lewent Challenge Goal!

    Because of you:

    We eclipsed our goal of 22% participation with over 25% of MIT Sloan alumni making more of an impact together.

    The MIT Sloan Annual fund raised a record $4.92M.

    Judy Lewent and her husband, Mark Shapiro, gave a generous $200,000 Challenge gift in recognition of this record-breaking achievement!

    Your generosity allowed MIT Sloan to:
    • Compete among business schools in attracting top student talent
    • Expand the School’s network of Action Learning Labs
    • Invest in programs and courses to address emerging ideas and technologies
    • Fund groundbreaking research projects developed by faculty
    • Build the MIT Sloan student and alumni network
    • Ensure that today’s MIT Sloan students experience the transformative education that you did!

    We’re not done-Join the 2016 Global Giving Challenge

    We're taking the 2016 Challenge global! Generations of alumni like you helped create this school and make it the prestigious institution it is today. But the School needs ongoing alumni support to maintain its position as one of the world's leading business schools. Your gift, combined with gifts from every other graduate, has the potential to make a significant impact. Make your gift today here.


  • MIT Sloan responds to the world’s greatest challenges. Solving global problems takes the brightest students, best professors, and most innovative programs—all which require a significant investment. While restricted endowment funds and tuition revenue help, they are simply not enough to ensure that MIT Sloan can pay for all the costs associated with running a world-class business school. Tuition covers only 60% of what an MIT Sloan education actually costs. Philanthropy subsidizes every student’s time here. That subsidy comes from donors like you. Your gifts make it possible for MIT Sloan to change the world.

    When you give to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund, you are providing flexible funding that can be used when and where it’s needed most. It’s like an innovation fund for the Dean. Your annual gift supports inventiveness, knowledge creation, and network building for students, faculty, and alumni. The Annul Fund gives the Dean the ability to say yes to innovative people and ideas. Yes to fellowships for the brightest students. Yes to funding for pioneering research. And yes to new courses and programs.

    Don’t see your class? Find out where you rank here.

    Thank you to our class volunteers!

    Class volunteers help to lead class engagement and fundraising efforts, and are vital to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund team.

    Interested in learning more about becoming a class volunteer? Please contact mitsloangiving@mit.edu.

    MBA/LGO Class of 2014
    Kavita Baba
    Saeyoon Baik
    Martha Belden Lankenau
    Silvia Benavides
    Juan Francisco Benedetti
    Jennifer Sarah Bolton
    Katherine Dybwad
    Emily Feldman
    Johnny Ghirardelli
    Catherine Halaby
    Fadel Ibrahim Messanne
    Matthew Kalmus
    Emika Kiyoizumi
    Rhiannon Kopynec
    Katherine Lewis
    Priyank Mathur
    George Miller
    Derek Oliver
    Shriya Palekar
    Gregory Price
    Akshita Puram
    Gabriel Rodriguez-Garriga
    Saurabh Sanghvi
    Kirsten Schulte
    Ryan Sheinbein
    Elad Shoushan
    Jeffrey Sun
    Eduardo Tobias Benoliel
    Scott Tracy-Inglis
    Gold Truong
    Ozan Yalniz
    Taylor Yates
    Sloan Fellows Class of 2014
    Ulrike Domany-Funtan
    Ayesha Khalid
    EMBA Class of 2014
    Diana Brennen
    Cathy Connelly
    Brian Harrison
    Sreeni Malireddy
    MBA/LGO Class of 2013
    RJ Andrews
    Sean Bonawitz
    Adam Borelli
    Sungjoo Kang
    Masa Kawakami
    Joseph Martin
    Kaustubh Pandya
    Danielle Sewell
    Hannah Steiman
    MBA/LGO Class of 2012
    Clara Brenner
    Joyce Fong
    Rahul Golani
    Edward Liu
    Cressida Pollock
    Joshua Rider
    Shu Dar Yao
    MBA/LGO Class of 2011
    Rachel Carter
    James Harland
    Tara Thomas
    MBA/LGO Class of 2010
    Faisal Ahmad
    Rajiv Bhatia
    Lia Freitas Cavalcante
    Ariel Dos Santos
    Adrian Garcia
    Deirdre Hatfield
    Veena Jayadeva
    Timothy Lawton
    Christopher Lin
    Ash Martin
    Chibuzo Obi
    Swaminathan Sekar
    John Truesdell
    Elizabeth Wagner
    Christopher Walt
    Sloan Fellows Class of 2010
    François Girodolle
    Mads Srinivasan
    MBA/LGO Class of 2009
    Elizabeth Magruder
    MBA/LGO Class of 2007
    Damian Fernandez
    Andrew Henwood
    Alexander Khalin
    Wenjin Zhou
    MBA/LGO Class of 2006
    Chris Gallant
    Tom Grant
    Dae Hong
    Emily Leventhal
    Chris Lowell
    Stan Yung
    MBA/LGO Class of 2005
    Carolyn Lee Arkin
    Alberto Brause
    Jeffrey Gerson
    Sheen He
    Nick Jones
    Canga Kamwambe
    Kate Long
    Alex Loucopoulos
    Jeremy Macdonald
    Mary Miller
    Hsulin Peng
    Sergey Pichugov
    Stephanie Pokrywa
    Brett Prince
    Luis Rojas
    Jose (Pepe) Siade
    Cyriaque Sukam
    MBA/LGO Class of 2004
    Ariel Kas
    Mandy Mobley
    MBA/LGO Class of 2003
    Erikka Arone
    Ernesto Borbon
    MBA/LGO Class of 2002
    Jason Escamilla
    Juan Garcia-Gayou
    Jen Hochstatter (Rigoni)
    Andy Rubinson
    Lisa Schirf
    Craig Westmoreland
    MBA/LGO Class of 2001
    Haakon Brown
    Elizabeth Golluscio
    Marian Hodges
    Kerry James
    Wendy Maldonado
    Juan Carlos Mendez
    Carin Stowe
    MBA/LGO Class of 2000
    Pietro Busnardo
    Kathryn Cosgrove
    Javier De Lucas
    Tim Dolan
    Kristina (Frenyea) Fernandes
    Bob Fitzpatrick
    James Geshwiler
    Pablo Gimenez
    Sean Hinners
    Josh Kanner
    Randi Kofman
    Esther Lee
    Jeffrey Lick
    Mindy Perry
    Alejandro Rojas
    Jyothi Vourganti
    MBA/LGO Class of 1999
    Stephanie Kivett Ohnegian
    Francisco Varela
    MBA/LGO Class of 1998
    Stephen Cook
    Margo Gorra-Stockman
    Frank Martelli
    Ricardo Olivares
    Andrea Reiners
    Ellen Rizika
    Frank Samuels
    Stephanie Tan
    MBA/LGO Class of 1995
    Ann Marie Campagna
    Craig Fingold
    Kenneth Goldberg
    John Hoyt
    Angelika Mayman
    Andrew Olmsted
    Hong Teh Shih
    Brian Slobodow
    Taeminn Song
    Pasri Sukhum
    Matana Sutivong
    MOT Class of 1995
    Harriet Cohen
    Max Michaels
    Kenneth VanBree
    MOT Class of 1994
    David Diamond
    SM/LGO Class of 1993
    Daniel Joensen
    Din Shih
    Nicolas Vegas
    SM/LGO Class of 1991
    Rodolfo Baquerizo Alvarado
    Patricia Hubbell
    Amey Moot
    Eric Silverman
    Brook Spaulding
    Charlie Tillett
    SM/LGO Class of 1990
    Giovanni Abramo
    Karl-Christian Agerup
    Almudena Arcelus
    Hidenori Aritake
    Mary Ann Beyster
    Gaye Bok
    Julie Chapman
    Peter Ewens
    Frederick Finnegan
    Jacob Friis
    Martin Gottlieb
    Diane Junker Hirsch
    Julie Ang Mi Kim
    Veronica Leger
    Sam Levine
    Glenn Morgan
    Aliza Blachman O'Keeffe
    Antonio Parham
    Jean-Baptiste Rousselot
    Jody Saarmaa
    Julie Schwartz
    Gabriela Soppelsa
    Shankar Suryanarayanan
    Peter Zaballos
    MOT Class of 1989
    Roman Lubynsky
    SM/LGO Class of 1985
    Carla Heaton
    Howard Kim
    Bill Selby
    Anton Teodorescu
    Agnes Thiollier
    SM/LGO Class of 1980
    Grant Bennett
    Mary Cross
    David Grant
    Frank Graves
    Walt Greenberg
    Bernard Horn
    Wayne Kernochan
    Larry Krakauer
    Richard Ku
    Marc Meyer
    Tor Moinichen
    Betsy Monrad
    Jerome Nolte
    Stephen Stickells
    Genelle Trader
    SM/LGO Class of 1975
    John Clark, Jr.
    Judith Katz Geschwind
    Sue Campbell Jones
    Wieland Loh
    SM/LGO Class of 1970
    Mark Rosenfeld
    SM/LGO Class of 1965
    Dan Abrams
    Bob Schmitz
    Vijay Shah
    SM/LGO Class of 1960
    John Glass
    Charles Olmstead
    Dr. Edward Roberts
    Alvin Schmertzler