• Student Class Gift
  • Student Class Gift

    Driven by our students, the Class Gift is a way for our graduating classes across all MIT Sloan programs to support the MIT Sloan Annual Fund. Tuition covers only 63% of MIT Sloan’s operating budget. That means that philanthropic support subsidizes every students’ experience. Join the alumni community and help to ensure that the next generation of Sloanies will share in the exceptional experiences you have had!

    To learn more about serving on the Class Gift committee, contact the Office of External Relations at mitsloanclassgift@mit.edu.

  • Both of these support the MIT Sloan Annual Fund. Clicking on one of the options below will take you to MIT’s official giving site (giving.mit.edu) which will allow you to make your pledge/gift to MIT Sloan.
    • Class gift
      MIT Sloan Annual

      Sloan Annual Fund gifts allow us to enhance our academic programs, provide new teaching technology, continually upgrade our facilities, and embark on cutting edge research and teaching initiatives.
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      Student Fellowships

      These funds will provide support for student fellowships and help MIT Sloan attract and retain exceptionally talented students.
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    The Dean's Circle


    The philanthropy of Dean’s Circle supporters allows MIT Sloan to respond immediately and decisively to new challenges and to bring principled leadership to the business developments of today and tomorrow.

    A benefit to Dean’s Circle members is an invitation to Dean’s Circle recognition events. Only the School’s most generous and renowned alumni and friends are invited. These events happen in major cities around the world each year and provide an invaluable opportunity to connect with distinguished members of the MIT Sloan community. To learn more about the Dean’s Circle please take a look at the MIT Sloan Report on Philanthropy.

    How to become a member of the MIT Sloan Dean’s Circle:
    Students can join the Dean’s Circle with a $500 cash gift by June 30, 2016. Then, from your 1st through your 5th Reunion, Dean’s Circle membership is renewable at $1,000 per year. Following the 5th reunion, membership increases to $2,500 per year. If students want to make a five year Dean’s Circle pledge, they would pledge $4,500 and the payments would look like the following:

    Year 1 (prior to June 30, 2016)     $500
    Year 2 (prior to June 30, 2017)     $1,000
    Year 3 (prior to June 30, 2018)     $1,000
    Year 4 (prior to June 30, 2019)     $1,000
    Year 5 (prior to June 30, 2020)     $1,000

    How to make a Dean’s Circle Pledge: 
    Make your Dean's Circle pledge today! Under the “Gift Type” dropdown menu choose "Multi-year pledge". The total amount should be for $4,500 spread over 5 years. The payment amounts should be set to $500, $1,000, $1,000, $1,000, and $1,000.

    Still unsure how to make a Dean’s Circle gift? Click Here to Get Help!

    What are our Class Gift goals?
    Each program sets their own Class Gift goal. The EMBA Class of 2014 holds the current record of 100% participation, and the MBA/LGO Class of 2014 holds a high record of 94%.

    Dollars Raised:
    We do not set a goal for dollars raised. There is a gift minimum of $50.

    MIT Sloan Dean’s Circle donors:
    The Class of 2012 holds the current record of 57 Dean’s Circle donors.
    What are we raising money for?

    Our fundraising priority for our Class Gift is the MIT Sloan Annual Fund. The Sloan Annual Fund provides crucial, flexible support to the School and is necessary for the continued success and growth of MIT Sloan. The School’s FY15 SAF goal is to raise $4.4M by June 30, 2015. Sloan Annual Fund contributions are unrestricted, which means the School can respond to change and emerging initiatives quickly. Sloan Annual Fund gifts can be used when and where they’re needed most. They allow the School to:

    • Offer new fellowships to attract prospective students
    • Fund groundbreaking research projects developed and led by faculty
    • Support innovative new programs and courses
    • Build the MIT Sloan student and alumni network
    Can I choose where my money goes?
    Within the MIT Sloan Annual Fund, we have identified two funds to support:
    Sloan Annual Fund (Unrestricted)

    In addition, there are funds within the Sloan Annual Fund that support the emerging campaign priorities of the School, including the Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, the Center for Finance and Policy, the Initiative for Sustainable Business and Society, the Initiative for the Digital Economy, the Initiative on Health Care, and the Leadership Center. If you are interested in supporting these funds, please email mitsloanclassgift@mit.edu.
    What is the Dean’s Circle?
    The MIT Sloan Dean’s Circle is the School’s leadership giving society honoring donors to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund. Dean’s Circle members contribute an annual, unrestricted gift (cash-in) of $500 or more as a student, and $1,000 or more for the first five years following graduation. After five years, Dean’s Circle membership increases to $2,500.

    This gift can be cumulative over the fiscal year, and includes corporate match gifts so long as that gift is received during the fiscal year.

    Dean’s Circle Levels:
    Investors $2,500+ (*$1,000 for recent graduates/$500 for students)
    Partners $5,000 to $9,999
    Directors $10,000 to $24,999
    Founders $25,000 to $99,999
    Leaders $100,000 and up

    Dean’s Circle members are recognized in the School’s annual Report on Philanthropy, receive invitations to annual recognition events around the world, and receive periodic updates from the School. For a full list of Dean’s Circle membership levels, visit the MIT Sloan giving website.
    What is a pledge?
    A pledge is a commitment to make a gift to the MIT Sloan Annual Fund over the course of the next five years, with the first pledge payment due before the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2015. A pledge can be made for $250+ (minimum of $50/year).

    The minimum five-year Dean’s Circle pledge is $4,500 ($500 payment for this year as a student, $1,000 payment for the following four years).

    In order to count for Class Gift participation, the first pledge payment must be received by June 30, 2015.

    In addition, the full amount of the pledge will be counted in our Class Gift totals, so long as the first pledge payment is received. For example, if you pledge $4,500 and make your first $500 pledge payment in March, the full $4,500 pledge will be counted in the totals.
    When should I make my gift?
    We encourage you to make your gift early – strong support early on will encourage other classmates to join you!

    We encourage you to make your gift by April 15, 2015.
    Gifts made July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 will count towards the Class Gift (fiscal year 2015).
    How can I make my gift?
    • Visit the giving website and select the fund that you would like to support.
    • To make a one-time, outright gift, select “Make a single gift”.
    • To make a pledge, select “Multi-year pledge” and fill out the form as noted.

    Gift Card:
    • Fill out a gift card and return to a committee member or to Sarah Murphy in the Office of External Relations, E60-205 (mitsloanclassgift@mit.edu).
    Do we run a balanced budget?
    MIT Sloan runs a balanced operating budget, the only School at MIT to do so. Approximately 60% of the operating budget comes from tuition, and the remaining 40% comes from other funding sources, including current use gifts and the endowment. The MIT Sloan Annual Fund allows the School to remain flexible and provide funding for new ideas year to year.
    If I can only give $50, does my gift matter? Why did you set that minimum?
    Every gift matters. The School belongs to its alumni, and supporting the School philanthropically demonstrates a sense of ownership and commitment to the future success of the School. To give back to a place you love, to sustain and protect all that you love about that place, should be a joy. This is a community and a network that lasts a lifetime, and giving back demonstrates that everyone wants to support the School as best they can. The $50 minimum was set to encourage our class to think seriously about this commitment, and to give back to the School with a sense of purpose. 85% of the School’s $1M donors made a gift to MIT in their first five years following graduation. The cycle of philanthropy starts early and the act of giving back is important.
    Why aren’t we raising money for a capital project, like a bench?
    The Class Gift campaign is focused on raising money for the Sloan Annual Fund, which provides unrestricted support to the School. This goes back to the nature of the Class Gift initiative, and the focus on a lifetime of engagement with the School. Focusing on a capital project provides the sense that the project is “done” and doesn’t encourage long-term support. The goal is to find a fund within the Sloan Annual Fund that connects with you – such as fellowships, or the student experience.
    Why do we have higher tuition than some other leading business schools?
    MIT Sloan tuition did jump significantly two years ago; however the School is still in the middle when compared to our peer schools. It is important to note that many of our peer schools charge mandatory administrative fees above their tuition fees, which MIT Sloan does not do. When these fees are accounted for, MIT Sloan’s tuition is less than the tuition fees at many of our peer schools.