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    bog chairs create big cheats

    Big chairs create big cheats — Andy Yap

    November 19, 2013 – 9:29 am

    From Harvard Business Review

    The research: In a series of experiments, Andy Yap and his colleagues examined the impact that people’s ergonomic environments had on their ethics. The studies tested whether being put into an expansive or a contracted posture would affect people’s honesty. The results showed that subjects in larger workspaces and seats, which encouraged expansive postures, were more likely than other subjects to pocket, rather than return, an overpayment for participating in the study, to cheat on a test, and to break the rules in a driving simulation game.

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    students blog

    MIT Sloan Students Blog: Saying Goodbye To The Core Semester

    Today was the last day of our core classes and I have to say it feels pretty bittersweet. While I am excited to be done with what I hear is the most challenging semester of business school, I am also sad to know that I will never again see my "Ocean" (or cohorts) all together, every day, again.

    When I look back at orientation week and meeting my core team and ocean for the first time, I am so amazed to see how far we have all came and how close we have become. Last night we had a bowling party to celebrate the end of the semester and as you can see, we had a great time.

    The people I have met at Sloan have made my first semester incredibly memorable and fun. As you all apply for round 2 schools and/or decide which school to attend, keep in mind the importance of culture and people as these will have a huge impact on your personal development at school!

    Have a happy holidays and best of luck to the Round 2 applicants!

    Posted by Rachel Hassas on 12/10/2013

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