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    MIT Sloan Experts Blog - Acquisitions Strategy

    Behind Facebook and Google's random acquisitions — Catherine Tucker

    August 18, 2014 – 2:41 am

    From Fortune

    A lot of attention has been paid lately to big tech companies buying up smaller firms in billion-dollar deals: In January, Google acquired Nest for $3.2 billion, Facebook purchased mobile message service, WhatsApp, the following month for $19 billion; last week, it acquired virtual reality gaming company, Oculus VR, for $2 billion. There is a lot of discussion about the motives behind these large deals. Some say they are attempts to block competition, while others maintain they are efforts to stay relevant.

    I see these deals as a reflection of the uncertainty companies face as they try to identify the next big thing. This is especially true for successful companies like Facebook and Google, which are known for doing what they do tremendously well. They've seen similarly successful companies like Kodak struggle as technology moves on, rendering its product obsolete. As a result, companies today are eternally motivated to look outside their current business.

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    Finance Matter

    MIT Sloan Finance Blog: Is Bitcoin a viable currency?

    The media and blogosphere have been full of Bitcoin discussions recently and almost everyone has an opinion, but most of these opinions are tied to the technology of Bitcoin, that is, whether this new currency represents a major technological revolution in money. So, most commentary has focused on questions about Bitcoin’s technological advantages: Is it really secure? Is it truly anonymous? Can it be counterfeited? Are transaction costs actually lower? Here, here and here are a few of examples and they contain comments like “Bitcoin is the first practical solution to a longstanding problem in computer science called the Byzantine Generals Problem.” That is, they focus on the technology of Bitcoin. what of the finance and economics of Bitcoin? Does it have the economic properties to be a viable currency? I don’t think so. Read more>>

    Posted by Jonathan Parker on 04/09/14

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