Service, leadership, scholarship: Celebrating two extraordinary careers
Glen L. Urban and Richard L. Schmalensee—back–to–back MIT Sloan deans who grew the School’s faculty and staff and built the iconic E62 building—have retired.

Challenging operations: Implementing medical reform in surgery
Challenging operations: Implementing medical reform in surgeryIn 2003, in the face of errors and accidents caused by medical and surgical trainees, the American Council of Graduate Medical Education mandated a reduction in trainee work hours to 80 per week. Over the course of two and a half years spent observing residents and staff surgeons trying to implement this new regulation, Katherine C. Kellogg, PhD ’05, the Mitsui Career Development Professor, discovered that resistance to it was both strong and successful. In fact, two of the three hospitals she studied failed to make the change. Challenging Operations takes up the apparent paradox of medical professionals resisting reforms designed to help them and their patients. Through vivid anecdotes, interviews, and incisive observation and analysis, Kellogg shows the complex ways that institutional reforms spark resistance when they challenge longstanding beliefs, roles, and systems of authority.

The foundation and future of finance
There has been wound licking and finger pointing, theorizing and sermonizing, but four years after the global financial collapse, there may be only one certainty: nobody—not Wall Street, not the government, not regulators—was ready. Today, MIT Sloan’s Finance faculty is reexamining what went wrong, what must be done, and how the School’s network of established and future financial leaders can help prevent a reoccurrence.