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Surpassing goals, providing opportunities (continued)

Time after time, as alumni reflect on their own experiences at MIT Sloan and on why they continue to be involved with the School through volunteerism and philanthropy, they share a consistent message about the impact the School has had on their lives and careers. “The biggest reason that I give back is that I am so appreciative of the experience that I had at MIT Sloan,” said Peter Cooperstein, SM ’81. “The instructors, the deans, the staff—all were so committed to the students and to making sure that we had the best possible educational experience. Our class had so many terrific people and a great camaraderie—giving back helps me stay connected.” When recent graduate William Blodgett, MBA ’12, reflected on his contribution to the Annual Fund through the class gift, he talked about the importance of providing support for future members of the community. “MIT Sloan was transformative for me and continues to shape my life as an alumnus,” said Blodgett. “The way the School inspires students to humbly make a significant difference in the world is a very unique experience. I want to show my gratitude and, like those who came before did for me, do my part to take care of those who come after.”

Being part of the MIT Sloan network is another theme that runs through many of the comments we received about the Annual Fund. “I feel very fortunate to have the affiliation with the School and fortunate that it’s enabled me to further the quality of my life,” reflected Brad Peterson, SM ’89. “One of the reasons I give back is that attending MIT Sloan was a tremendous experience and a life-changing event.” During challenging professional times, Kali Ramachandran, SM ’89, was able to rely on MIT Sloan. “MIT has given me friends throughout the world. The two times in my life when I was out of work and down on my luck, it was my MIT Sloan classmates and the MIT community that helped me get back on my feet again,” reflected Ramachandran. “That is why I annually contribute to the School.”

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