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Profile: Stephen DeFalco

Stephen DeFalco, SM ’88Stephen DeFalco, SM ’88
CEO, Crane & Company, Inc.

When Stephen DeFalco came to MIT Sloan, he was a self-described “smart kid who knew nothing about the world.” He thought he would learn about global business and planned to focus on management technology.

But DeFalco never enrolled in a single management technology course. Once he arrived at MIT Sloan, he changed his goals drastically due to the core curriculum and exposure to classmates from all over the world. He quickly realized the importance of learning about finance, operations, marketing, and the global business world—and how powerful that knowledge could be. DeFalco also learned a few things about himself: He was good at integrating disciplines and making decisions; he wanted to be a general manager. “Being at MIT Sloan was a broadening experience. It changed my whole outlook on my career.”

Since graduating from MIT Sloan, his career has been in leadership roles in global technology oriented businesses. He is currently on his third CEO assignment, this time with Crane & Company.

The large role the School has played in DeFalco’s life has not gone unappreciated. “I’ll always stay connected with MIT Sloan,” he says. “When I come to campus, I see that the School is doing even more today than ever before; it’s impacting individuals, companies, and societies at large.”

For DeFalco, it’s very important to be a part of all that and to support MIT Sloan’s efforts in any way he can. “My hope is that through the things I can contribute, the School will help someone else down the road the way it helped me.”