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Profile: John Mikulsky

John Mikulsky, SM ’73John Mikulsky, SM ’73
Board of Directors, GigOptix Corporation

Since graduating from MIT Sloan and moving to Silicon Valley, John Mikulsky has enjoyed a stimulating and varied career in high tech, working in multiple industries and in different functional areas.

For Mikulsky, the analytical approaches and tools he learned at MIT Sloan have been invaluable throughout his career. “While there is always a lot of intuition and judgment in dealing with business problems, starting with a sound, thoughtful, and rigorous analysis of the facts, numbers, and trends puts one at great advantage,” says Mikulsky, “and I got that advantage at MIT Sloan.”

With a strong desire to continue his connection to the School, Mikulsky became involved with the MIT Club of Northern California—a connection that he has cherished for almost four decades. “I have always been impressed with the diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of my fellow alumni. These are folks who are creating new products, new jobs, new businesses, and new industries, yet doing so with a certain humbleness of style.”

One of Mikulsky’s great joys has been his ability to support the School, both through his actions and his financial contributions. Says Mikulsky, “MIT Sloan’s impact is so widespread, so pervasive, and so positive that it merits that support. I always encourage young alumni to stay connected, both to participate in that support in whatever way they are able and to take advantage of all that the alumni community offers. I can’t say enough about how wonderful and rewarding that support and connection have been for me.”