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Profile: Daniel Zhou

Daniel Zhou, MBA  ’00Daniel Zhou, MBA ’00
Founder, CEBM Economic Research and Consulting

In the last 15 years, China has experienced remarkable growth and development as a country. For Daniel Zhou, MBA ’00, growing up in this environment and benefiting from China’s increased engagement with the rest of the world has motivated him to remain active in the MIT Sloan community. As a member of the MIT Sloan Asian Executive Board and the China Management Board, Zhou is happy to have a stake in strengthening and protecting the development and improvements that China has experienced. “I think it’s a very important opportunity for me to play a role, to enhance MIT Sloan’s work in China and in Asia,” he explains regarding his involvement with the School.

Zhou also believes that it is important to support MIT Sloan philanthropically. For the last five years, he has been a member of the MIT Sloan Dean’s Circle giving society. “To me, the philanthropy issue is a very important one,” he says. “I think what is important is that the philanthropy must feel close to who you are and how you want to be involved in the larger community around you.”

The founder of CEBM, an independent investment advisory firm in Shanghai which serves both Chinese and global institutional investors, Zhou says that the School’s mission to develop principled and innovative leaders who improve the world is something that remains very relevant to him today. “I think these are goals which can be pursued over a lifetime,” he says, “and you can give more meaning to that mission statement as you become more involved with all aspects of your work, whether it’s in your companies or in your community.”