Race Against the Machine book cover

Race Against The Machine

In their new digital book Race Against The Machine: How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy, MIT Sloan economists Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee question: Is technology destroying jobs and facilitating the current unemployment woes in this country?

Fixing health care

MIT Sloan faculty tackle the problems of an ailing system

At MIT Sloan, more than 20 faculty and their students are seeking new ways to improve health care systems in the U.S. and around the world. In this cover story, six professors share their work and dedication to fixing an ailing system.

  • In the waits that surgery surround, a relief
  • After four years, measuring a worldwide impact
  • A new commitment for global health
  • When it pays to spend on health care
  • A better kidney waitlist, with an eye to fairness
  • Fixing health care: A Q&A with Professor Retsef Levi