Action Learning:

Action Learning: In the Classroom.
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With over 80 percent of MIT Sloan graduate students taking at least one of more than a dozen elective Lab courses, it is fair to say that action learning has become a core component of the MIT Sloan experience. For example, since 2000, the Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab), MIT Sloan’s largest international project-based learning course, has supported more than 1,000 students partnering with over 500 entrepreneurs around the world.

What makes MIT Sloan’s brand of action learning unique? A pedagogical approach that actively integrates theory with real-world practice and personal reflection, in the process teaching students to tackle complex managerial challenges, while enhancing their leadership capabilities.

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United States

Proseminar in Corporate Finance/ Investment Banking

Partner Company: Barclays Bank PLC


Project: Barclays asked students in the proseminar to construct a valuation of a wind energy business owned by an industrial conglomerate and to evaluate the strategic opportunity for divestment.


Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab)

Partner Company: Ideiasnet



Project: Ideiasnet funds a portfolio of media, technology, and telecom companies. When the firm needed to understand the future of venture capital and emerging investment opportunities in Brazil, they turned to a G-Lab team for help.


Leading Sustainable Systems (L-Lab)

Partner Company: Minera San Cristóbal S.A.


Project: While Minera San Cristóbal was developing a model mining operation with innovative technology, they also wanted to maintain a social commitment to the local and national culture and a respect for the environment. The firm looked to an L-Lab team to understand how to involve community members in their planning and development.


India Lab

Partner Company: Union Pacific


Union Pacific

Project: OCP’s goal is to move into the global marketplace as a leading producer of phosphates and fertilizers. This Academy prepares OCP’s top executives by teaching leading management practice across functions and departments, with emphasis on globalization, sustainability, and operations and risk management.


GlobalHealth Lab

Partner Company: Gradian Health Systems


Gradian Health Systems

Project: Gradian equips hospitals to deliver anesthesia safely and economically, with a mission to improve access to safe surgery and perioperative care through technology, service, and training. The GlobalHealth Lab team worked on a market-entry strategy for a novel medical device that takes into account Tanzania’s needs, funding, healthcare system, and regulation, and they identified potential customers.


GlobalHealth Lab

Partner Company: BRAC



Project: BRAC’s goal is to empower communities in poverty to achieve large-scale, positive changes through economic and social programs. The GlobalHealth Lab team developed a process and framework for BRAC’s leadership to assess potential partnerships, and selected appropriate innovations and collaborations that leverage their reach and deliver value to their beneficiaries.

New Zealand

Global Entrepreneurship Lab (G-Lab)

Partner Company: CricHQ Limited


Project: CricHQ is a cloud-based sports technology platform that brings the game of cricket to smart phone and tablet users. The company asked for help developing their marketing and sales strategy, and with strategic planning for technology direction and organizational design.


Global Organizations Lab

Partner Company: GDF SUEZ


Project: Paris-based energy company GDF SUEZ provides electricity, gas, liquefied natural gas, and other energy and environmental services throughout Europe and beyond. The firm worked with a GO-Lab team to study the market viability of its Smart Local Energy Management (SLEM) solution in northern Europe and to make recommendations on commercialization strategy.