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Richard E. Agee, SF '88

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Wapiti Energy, LLC
Founder and Chairman of the Board, Bayou Well Holdings, LLC

Richard E. Agee, SF '88Richard E. Agee, SF ’88

In constructing arguments aimed at convincing his son-in-law to join the MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2015, Richard Agee, SF ’88, found himself reliving the personal growth and intellectual stimulation he felt during his time as a Sloan Fellow.

“It’s striking to realize how much of the knowledge I gained has become woven into the fabric of how I think and operate every day,” says Agee. “It’s sort of an injection without any stick of the needle; knowledge is transferred and carried away with you.”

Agee continues to apply that knowledge in his entrepreneurship. After MIT Sloan, he went on to build and sell four companies, all focused on energy and energy services. He currently has two other companies in development.

“I had almost two decades’ worth of experience in petroleum engineering before I came to MIT Sloan,” says Agee. “All that I learned—in organizational culture, finance, and economics, and from my classmates—was crucial to me in my post-MIT Sloan career as an entrepreneur. I knew how to raise capital; I understood what I needed to be doing. Without MIT Sloan, I would have been flying blind.”

Though his career has taken him far, Agee has always been motivated to stay closely connected to the School. He values his membership on the North American Executive Board and the opportunity he has to impact the present and future of MIT Sloan.

And thanks to Agee’s powers of persuasion, his son-in-law is now an MIT Sloan MBA candidate. Agee could not be more thrilled and proud: “I hope that my daughter and son-in-law have the same wonderful experiences my wife and I had when I was at MIT Sloan.”