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Letter from the Dean

David Schmittlein John C Head III DeanDavid Schmittlein
John C Head III Dean

Dear alumni and friends of MIT Sloan,

The MIT Sloan School of Management is distinctive and distinguished by its association with the greater MIT community. Simply put, there is no better place for solving the world’s greatest challenges than MIT. We are the place for innovation; the place for invention; the place for improving the world. Those of us who are part of this community have an incredible opportunity and feel an important responsibility to bring knowledge to bear on the issues and opportunities that face our country and our world.

A very particular type of person is drawn to MIT Sloan. Our faculty do not always say what is popular, but rather are committed to saying the things that matter; the things the world needs to know. Our students are not driven solely by personal interest or promotion, but instead exhibit a commitment to finding solutions for the betterment of humanity. This community never rests on initial discovery—always on our collective horizon is the next innovation, the next invention, and the tireless drive to improve.

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