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The Takeaways: MIT Sloan Faculty Members Offer Their Perspectives (continued)

David McLean on making financial markets work better...

“Academics are interested in testing market efficiency, and predicting stock returns is one way to do that. The point of these papers is not to claim, ‘Hey, here’s this great way to make a lot of money.’ I think this research shows that markets want to be efficient, but there are costs and risks associated with getting there, so the market doesn’t end up in a perfectly efficient place.”

“Got a Market-Beating Strategy? Keep It To Yourself,” Financial Times, January 14, 2013
R. David McLean is a Visiting Associate Professor of Finance

Yasheng Huang

Yasheng Huang on China’s challenge...

“Chinese leaders want economic growth to come from innovations based on technology and science—a laudable goal. But it can’t be achieved by simply adding a massive dose of R&D spending to China’s current growth model. Technology-based growth requires protection for intellectual property, freedom to think and challenge authority, and a government with limited reach and power. In other words, it requires Western institutions.”

“China’s Challenge,” Technology Review, January 2, 2013
Yasheng Huang is the International Program Professor in Chinese Economy and Business

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