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December 2011

Bilikiss Adebiyi
MIT Sloan School of Management, MBA 2012

Alex Fallon
MIT Sloan School of Management, MBA 2012

Wecyclers is focused on solving the urban waste challenges that plague low-income neighborhoods in the developing world. We empower poor communities to clean up their neighborhoods—leading to healthier, more attractive environments. We collect recyclable material for free from households using cargo bicycles and we motivate people to participate through a rewards program. We then sell the material collected to recycling processors, and provide consumer brands with opportunities to sponsor rewards.

Wecyclers makes a difference by creating a way for community members to safely and conveniently recycle plastic and aluminum waste. If not recycled, this waste would have ended up on the street or in landfills. By reducing urban waste, we impact the health and sanitation of the local environment while also contributing to reduced CO2 emissions by providing more recycled content to industrial processors. We also are providing stable jobs to young people in countries such as Nigeria, which has a national unemployment rate of 20 percent.

MIT Sloan helped us in every way possible! We launched the idea in Joost Bonsen’s Development Ventures class, we participated in the Global IDEAS Challenge and the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, we joined the MIT Venture Mentor Service, and we participated in the Trust Center’s inaugural Founder Skills’ Accelerator program. Without the feedback, encouragement, mentorship, and seed funding we received, Wecyclers would not be here today.