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Learning on the Road:
Alumni Conferences 2014

Alumni came together around the world to discuss faculty research, share industry insights, and contribute to the mission of MIT Sloan to improve the world. Below is a sampling of thoughts shared at the conferences this year.

HealthcareMIT Innovations in Health Care, Cambridge, MA - December 3–4, 2013

“As you’ve heard over the last two days of the conference, there is certainly more emphasis on going to where the patients are–moving away from the brick and mortar of our clinics and hospitals, and going out into the community to provide services to patients in a variety of new settings.”
Thomas Kochan, Professor of Engineering Systems, on “Managing Organizational Changes in Health Care Systems”

MIT ImpactMIT IMPACT: Making Innovation Real, San Francisco, CA - February 13, 2014

“Filling the pipeline and stopping it from leaking is critical to having a healthy innovation economy. We can’t afford to leave any talent behind, and we need, as a matter of economic competitiveness and reducing inequality, to make sure anybody who has something to contribute as an innovator has the opportunity to do so.”
Mitch Kapor, Founder of Lotus Development, on Entrepreneurship and Equal Opportunity

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