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Gerardo A. Borromeo, SB '82, SM '83

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.

Gerardo  A. BorromeoGerardo A. Borromeo, SB '82, SM '83

When the MIT Club of the Philippines sought a special gift to commemorate Course XV’s centennial and symbolize their continuing support of MIT Sloan, their choice was very clear: a glass house.

Gerardo A. Borromeo presented the unique glass sculpture—which represents the Filipino cultural practice of bayanihan—to Dean David Schmittlein in Hong Kong, China, earlier this year on behalf of the club. Bayanihan (pronounced bah–yah–nee–han) evokes the spirit of community through cooperation and use of technology, which struck Borromeo and his fellow alumni as particularly relevant to MIT Sloan. “In the glass house sculpture, the bayanihan spirit is embodied in the coming together of a community to help move a house,” says Borromeo. “I see this spirit of community within MIT Sloan and its evolution through its 100-year history—building a community of professionals who are able to make a difference in the world through effective management practices that leverage people, processes, and technology.”

In his own life, Borromeo credits MIT and MIT Sloan with providing the critical foundations for his professional accomplishments. “I learned how to think in terms of process flow and dynamic systems, and how to solve complex problems by understanding the fundamental elements that come into play.”

While Borromeo’s ongoing connection to MIT Sloan is deeply important to him, he is also committed to sharing his knowledge for the improvement of his country. “Maintaining a relationship with the School has served as one way to stay connected with the latest trends coming out of MIT, which have contributed in meaningful ways toward global economic development,” explains Borromeo. “This is particularly relevant for alumni in the Philippines, as the country today is emerging from many years of underdevelopment.”

“Networking with MIT has allowed us access to information and resources essential to keeping up with the times amidst global and regional challenges. Over the last three decades, it has indeed been an honor for me to be a part of this global community as an alumnus of MIT and MIT Sloan.”