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Embarking on the Next 100 Years

Catherine Canney, Executive Director, Brand Strategy and Special Assistant to the Dean and 
Kristin LeClair, Director, Donor Relations and CommunicationsCatherine Canney, Associate Dean, Dean’s Initiatives and Brand Strategy and Kristin LeClair, Director, Donor Relations and Communications

Dear MIT Sloan alumni and friends,

As the Centennial Celebration of Course XV draws to a close, we hope this issue will encourage a bit more reminiscing about the history of Course XV at MIT and move forward into the next century.

We’ve enjoyed bringing you pieces of the School’s history that reflect on the activity of the past 100 years, and we are happy to present more selections in this issue. As we celebrate that history, we look to the future. Whether learning about the business of Vicarious Visions, co-founded by the Bala brothers who are recent graduates of the MIT Executive MBA program, or sharing research findings from faculty members Chris Knittel, Zeynep Ton, and Tavneet Suri, we find the work of the School, students, and alumni around the world to be innovative—indeed, transformative.

The MIT Sloan community is far-reaching, diverse, inventive, and collaborative—this is visible in the activity we see on campus and in the conversations we have had with more than 2,000 people who attended one of our Course XV events around the world (see page 15). Whether or not you had the opportunity to attend, please consider visiting the interactive Centennial timeline and share your stories about MIT Sloan with the community:

Finally, in this issue, you also will learn about the newly launched MIT Sloan Alumni Board and its co-chairs, Tom and Banu Atkinson, both SM ’94. They will lead a group of over 30 alumni who are committed to bringing the alumni community together in support of the work of the School and one another. They want to hear from you, so please be in touch to share ideas, perspectives, and opportunities.

We hope that you find this issue as compelling as we do.

With best regards from Cambridge,
Cathy & Kristin

Catherine Canney
Associate Dean, Dean’s Initiatives and Brand Strategy

Kristin LeClair
Director, Donor Relations and Communications