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New Alumni Board Aims to Improve Alumni Engagement

The MIT Sloan Office of External Relations (OER) announces the creation of the
MIT Sloan Alumni Board—a new volunteer opportunity dedicated to enhancing and expanding the MIT Sloan alumni network through engagement and philanthropic giving.

The mission of the MIT Sloan Alumni Board is to expand the global visibility of the MIT Sloan School of Management through the activities of a more connected and engaged alumni community. The Board will enhance relationships among alumni, students, and the School by encouraging participation in worldwide MIT Sloan events, volunteer opportunities, and the MIT Sloan Annual Fund.

Headed by Co-chairs Tom and Banu Atkinson, both SM ’94, the MIT Sloan Alumni Board is composed of two separate committees—the Alumni Network Committee and the Dean’s Circle Committee. These two focus areas were identified as being among the most important areas to increase participation in the alumni network, with plans to expand the committees in the future.

The Alumni Network Committee, chaired by Ruby Chandy, SB ’82, SM ’89, includes: Clara Brenner, MBA ’12; Rachel Carter, MBA ’11; Carter Dunn, MBA ’10; Marisa Gerla, MBA ’12; Natalie Karpov, MBA ’04; Karen Mazer, SM ’89; Bob Meese, MBA ’08;
Zeeshan Mirza, MBA ’99; Sean Padgett, MBA ’98; Lisa Schirf, MBA ’02; Yiting Shen, MBA ’07; Ruth Sommers, SF ’01; Philip Van Overberghe, MBA ’97; Edward Walsh, EMBA ’13; and Isa Watson, MBA ’13. The committee will begin its analysis of regional alumni engagement by examining the current MIT Sloan club structure, recommending policies that will create sustainability for regional clubs, and evaluating what meaningful engagement means to alumni around the world.

The Dean’s Circle Committee is chaired by Aliza Blachman O’Keeffe, SM ’90, and includes: Karthik Bala, EMBA ’13; Joshua Brown, MBA ’06; Craig Edelstein, SF ’06; Jean Elliott, MBA ’97; Hala Fadel, MBA ’01; Justin Guichard, MBA ’05; Kerry James, SB ’95, MBA ’01; Tong Lee, SM ’86, SM ’87; Ronnie Lee Thomas, SM ’94; David Menachery, MBA ’09; Pamela Pudar, SM ’90; Din Shih, SM ’93; Eric Silverman, SM ’91; Alejandro Simkievich, MBA ’03; and John Tobin, EMBA ’13. This committee will perform an audit of MIT Sloan Annual Fund communications, identify new ways to increase education and awareness of philanthropy within the alumni network, and encourage participation in the Dean’s Circle, the School’s leadership giving society.

“We see what a strong alumni community can achieve in terms of a lifelong network of friendships and professional support,” says Tom Atkinson. “[The MIT Sloan Alumni Board]’s goal is to develop a global alumni community where its members both value and benefit from its existence. The alumni community should value it so much that they can’t wait to get involved in events at MIT Sloan, give their time and resources, and see the value of philanthropy at MIT Sloan. It’s a virtuous cycle, not only for the School, but for alumni as well.”