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Perspectives on Innovation and Invention

Catherine Canney, Executive Director, Brand Strategy and Special Assistant to the Dean and 
Kristin LeClair, Director, Donor Relations and CommunicationsCatherine Canney, Associate Dean, Dean’s Initiatives and Brand Strategy and Kristin LeClair, Director, Donor Relations and Communications

Dear Alumni and Friends,

What an exciting year we are having here at the MIT Sloan School of Management. This fall, we hosted 11 Course XV Centennial events in cities around the world. These events were a tremendous opportunity to not only share in the history of MIT Sloan, but also hear inspiring stories from our alumni about their time spent at the School and since graduation. If you haven’t had the chance to attend one of these events—please join us in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Houston, or at the Course XV Centennial Colloquium on campus on June 7, 2014.

This Colloquium will focus on the same themes that we showcase in this issue of MIT Sloan Alumni Magazine—the research, innovation, and brilliant activity going on every day in the hallways, classrooms, and offices of MIT Sloan. As you know best, our faculty members address the cutting-edge global challenges that impact our economies and our societies. We relate a few examples of the faculty research happening at the School in “Innovation at Work.” At the same time, they push our students to challenge themselves, to innovate during their time at MIT Sloan, and to explore their individual interests, a theme we explore in “Sink or SWIM: The Case Study.”

In addition to the work going on at the School today, we continue to celebrate the contributions of our faculty and students over the past 100 years. The feature article in this issue, “The Birth of Modern Finance,” gives you a sneak-peek at the commemorative book that we are publishing about the School’s first 100 years. It includes highlights from the chapter on finance, economics, and accounting at MIT Sloan, and provides information on ordering your own copy of the book.

As we compile the content for MIT Sloan, we are always inspired by the work of the School and the vitality of our community. We hope that you will enjoy this issue as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Best regards,
Cathy & Kristin

Catherine Canney
Associate Dean, Dean’s Initiatives and Brand Strategy

Kristin LeClair
Director, Donor Relations and Communications