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The Takeaways:
MIT Sloan Faculty Members Offer Their Perspectives

Our faculty members generate distinctive and celebrated research that analyzes today’s business challenges and develops transformative solutions and insights. Collected here are perspectives from faculty members pulled from various media sources.

Zeynep TonZeynep Ton

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Andy Yap on how space can alter behavior... “Our bodies are perpetually constrained by our physical spaces. When these spaces are large, we incidentally adopt expansive postures. Such postures—open, widespread limbs that fill the space up—often project high power. Contractive, closed postures—in which limbs are pulled in close to the torso and the body collapses inward to minimize space—tend to project low power. It’s not having something big that makes you feel more powerful; these spaces allow you to have an expansive posture, and that’s what makes you feel more powerful. And the feelings of power are what alter your behavior.”
Big Chairs Create Big Cheats,” Harvard Business Review, November 1, 2013 Andy Yap is a lecturer.

Zeynep Ton on the good jobs strategy... “These companies think about employees not as costs to minimize but as capable human beings with the potential to generate sales and profits.”
Higher Wages Are Good For Companies Too,” The Nation, December 4, 2013 Zeynep Ton is Adjunct Associate Professor of Operations Management

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