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John F. Kerry Visits MIT

In January, with his days in office waning, U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry appealed to the scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs in the MIT community to aggressively pursue solutions to climate change.

Talking to Your Boss About Data

Two MIT business analytics students share what they learned in the new From Analytics to Action class.

Q&A: Eric von Hippel

In Free Innovation, MIT Sloan’s Eric von Hippel reveals a world where invention is its own reward.

Volunteer Spotlight

Sarah Kalloch, MBA ’16, explains why she volunteers.

In Memoriam: Stephen A. Ross

Professor Stephen A. Ross, inventor of arbitrage pricing theory, dies at 73.

Nobel Laureate: Bengt Holmstrom

MIT’s newest Nobel Laureate, Bengt Holmstrom, discusses the challenges and opportunities offered by contract theory.

Dean’s Circle Spotlight

Kerry Ann James, SB ’95, MBA ’01, shares her experiences as a Dean’s Circle member.