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MIT Excellence Award

School’s building director celebrated for “Greening MIT”

Cindy Hill imageCindy Hill

Hundreds of donors and laborers, along with an award-winning architectural firm, built MIT Sloan’s new building, a project 13 years in the making.

Cindy Hill, the School’s director of capital projects, was part of the team from day one.

In March, MIT honored Hill with an MIT Excellence Award for Greening MIT for her commitment to making the new building, including the Joan and William A. Porter 1967 Center for Management Education, the most energy-efficient building on the Institute’s campus.

Construction on the building, designated E62, lasted three years. Hill was behind the job for the decade lead-up to groundbreaking.

“Through her decade-plus leadership for the project to conceive of and construct E62 and the Porter Center for Management Education, Cindy led a team of the School’s faculty and staff through a thoughtful process that took into account the needs of our entire community and, importantly, the environmental needs of MIT,” said John C Head III Dean David Schmittlein. “She did this with a commitment, drive, and passion that serve as inspiration to the School.”

Hill was involved in the program study that determined the School’s needs for a new building. She helped choose the architect, Moore Ruble Yudell; represented MIT Sloan’s needs and concerns in every step of the design; and worked closely with MIT facilities to make sure the building was delivered on time and under budget.

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