Building the Future
For more than five decades, MIT Sloan has been a leader in management education, research, and practice. In May, Building the Future celebrated MIT Sloan’s distinguished legacy, ongoing evolution, and future promise, as well as the individuals—faculty, staff, alumni, students, and other supporters—who have contributed to MIT Sloan’s reputation and success.

“This place works.”
MIT Sloan’s new building was designed to foster spontaneous interaction between faculty and students. In May, the School’s alumni and friends had the chance to try it out.

Admiral Thad Allen, SF ‘89
Thad Allen, in a frank conversation with John C Head III Dean David Schmittlein at Alumni Weekend in May, gave MIT Sloan alumni an inside look at the challenge of leading a coordinated response to an unprecedented set of problems.

The new heart of MIT Sloan
If MIT Sloan’s new building didn’t exist, someone would have to invent it. Fortunately, hundreds of the School’s most committed alumni and friends already have.

No Control: faculty research
New research from Catherine Tucker, Douglas Drane Career Development Professor in Information Technology and Management and associate professor of marketing, finds that online alcohol advertisements are most effective in states that ban boozy billboards and transit ads.