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Student Profile

Tim Fu

Tim Fu, MBA ’12

  • Founded Home Team Therapy to build video games for use in physical therapy
  • Led MIT Sloan Clean Energy Study Tour to Denmark
  • As an HVAC engineer, worked on new World Trade Center development

Tim Fu tore his ACL playing Ultimate Frisbee in October 2009, just as he was applying to MIT Sloan to study and develop renewable energy models. Injured, he dove into his physical therapy exercises, only to taper in enthusiasm as he healed.

“I did it every day for about three weeks,” he said. “Somewhere between three weeks and a month, I would do 50 percent of what I was supposed to.”

Fu wondered how therapists could work with patients to ensure physical therapy regimens were completed.

Enter Home Team Therapy, Fu’s startup to design Kinect for Xbox 360 games that assist in physical therapy exercises, built with the input of therapists. The Kinect is a video game platform that responds to human movement.

“It seemed like such a huge opportunity to make the service better,” he said. “Ultimately, we want to deliver a video game first for physical therapy patients and then for the general fitness audience.”

Fu and three partners began development of Home Team Therapy’s first game this summer, but they are not alone in the field. Led by Wii Fit, health and fitness video games are gaining traction and appealing to people beyond the traditional young male video game-playing demographic.

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